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Zoie at the Canadian Screen Awards

Zoie was a presenter at the Canadian Screen Awards last weekend. She did a few short interviews, which can be found here, here, and here.

Interviews with Zoie at the Central Canada Comic Con

Zoie was in Winnipeg for the Central Canada Comic Con as a guest last weekend, signing autographs, taking pictures with fans, and giving interviews. Click here and here to watch two of them. The first one is particularly hilarious.

Season 3 Cast Interviews

Here’s a snippet of the cast talking about Season 3, posted by TheGATE, one of the journalists on set during their last day of filming. Full interview will be posted closer to the premiere.

Afterellen’s Interviews with Zoie and Ksenia at NYCC

Afterellen posted a couple of interesting interviews with Zoie and Ksenia from NYCC. Check them out here!

Video Interviews with the Cast at NYCC

Check out these interviews with Zoie, Rick, and Ksenia at New York Comic Con this past week, conducted by Cinefantastique.

Lost Girl Cast Talks Video Games

At Fan Expo, Rainbow Francks interviewed each of the cast members about video games that they loved to play. And yes, they all played video games. Check out their responses below: