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Top 5 Reactions to Lauren’s Entrance from Bo

Unlike Lauren, our favourite succubus Bo usually has trouble keeping a poker face. Whenever she sees Lauren walk into the room, her emotions are written all over her face. In this Friday’s five, we’ve picked our top 5 reactions from Bo whenever Lauren arrives on scene. Click on “read more” for the entire list.

1. Bo greets Lauren with her assets. (2.17)

We’re not quite sure what Bo’s intention is here, but this is what we do know: Bo telephones Lauren for help on the case, Bo hears knocking at the door, Bo whips her jacket off and answers the door with the biggest smile on her face. We’ll leave it to you to interpret that. No doubt Lauren appreciated the show, but we’re not sure if her girlfriend did.

Top 5 Touching Lines Between Bo & Lauren

Even two hardened people like us can become undone by the right lines. This week, we’ve decided on the top 5 most touching lines that Bo & Lauren have uttered to each other since the start of the series. They’re not all “I love you’s” (unfortunately…), but they’re lines that made us sigh and kept us drawn to their relationship. Click on “read more” to view the entire list.

1. “You’re a different person than you were then. And the person that you are now, I absolutely love.” ~Lauren (2.10)

Well, here we have the ‘L’ word that we’ve all been hoping for. Lauren might not have meant to have blurted that one out and put her heart on the line, but she said it. Unfortunately at this point, Bo knows about Nadia and has already drawn the ‘friend’ line in their relationship, so all we get from her is the admission that “it hurts”.

Top 5 Doc-Block Moments

Without Unresolved Sexual Tension, we probably wouldn’t be quite so invested in this relationship. And a lot of the time, UST arises when they are interrupted or thwarted by other people. Today, our top five are the moments that left both Bo and Lauren feeling just a little unfulfilled when a third party interrupts their lady lovin’. Click on ‘read more’ for the entire list.

1. The Morrigan Drops the Nadia Bomb on Bo

Really, is there a bigger doc-block than finding out that your love interest already has an existing girlfriend that she somehow neglected to tell you about? The moment the Morrigan gleefully informed Bo of Nadia was the moment that Lauren became physically off-limits, as far as Bo is concerned. While Bo may have had a lovely romp with Lauren just the previous night, this newly acquired bit of information changes everything. Bo respects other peoples’ relationships too much to intentionally break them up. On the contrary – the self-sacrificial do-good nutter that she is, Bo has gone to the other extreme and spent all her energy on re-uniting Lauren & Nadia. This is why we classified the moment when the Morrigan drops the Nadia bomb on Bo as the ultimate doc-block.

Top 5 – Lauren’s Geekiest Lines

We all love our geeky Doctor Lauren and her tendency to contribute her scientific explanations even in the most everyday situations. Today’s list is our top five nerdiest lines that Lauren has blurted while investigating a case…or eating, sleeping, and baking. Click on “read more” for the entire list and contribute your own favourite geeky quotes in the comments.

1. Even while she’s napping, Lauren is all about the science.  It’s certainly one way to elicit a look of adoration from the girl of your dreams.

“Isotopes.” (2.01)

Top 5 – Doccubus Season 2 Wishlist

We’ve been thinking about what we’d like to see in the remaining episodes of this season, when Lost Girl returns this Sunday. We came up with a wishlist of the Top 5 things with respect to Bo & Lauren that we want to see in the second half of Season 2. Click on “read more” to view the entire list. Let us know what’s on your wishlist in the comments!

1. Bo feeds off of Lauren (even if just “a little bit”, as Lauren said)
Writers, we don’t care how it happens, it just has to. This will make Doccubus fans squeal, we assure you. Bo has fed from or given chi to almost everyone in her circle at some point – Dyson, Kenzi, Hale, even Ciara. So an exchange of chi with Lauren, even if it’s just a tiny waft, is long overdue, and not seeing that during the show’s run will be one of the greatest tragedies for Doccubus fans. Really, the whole thing can be so easily arranged; just put Bo and Lauren in a situation where Lauren is physically hurt and Bo has to breathe chi into her (which has already happened with Dyson so it’s only fair). If a physical threat to Lauren is not in the cards, well, we wouldn’t object to an exchange of chi between them say, in the throes of passion, ahem.

Top 5 UST Moments

One thing that you should know about us is that we are both UST (“Unresolved Sexual Tension”) and angst junkies, and the Bo & Lauren storyline delivers both in spades. This week, we present our pick of the Top 5 UST Moments so far. Click on “read more” to view the full list.

1. Lauren’s Tease (2.05)

No other scene on Lost Girl has left us (not to mention, Bo & Lauren) as frustrated as this one did. You know when two people want each other badly but both want the other to make the first move? Lauren wasn’t going to kiss Bo first after the whole spy-bang debacle and Bo is all chivalrous with her “I can’t take advantage of poor, vulnerable Lauren” mindset. Just when Lauren moves towards her and you expect them to finally kiss after so many episodes of angst, Lauren pulls the good ol’ boob graze maneuver, which both surprises and flusters Bo. And from her little smile, Lauren knows exactly what she’s doing to Bo. The end result of this scene? A collective groan of frustration from Doccubus fans.