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Top 5 Reasons We’re Happy About Lost Girl’s Return

We’re so glad that Lost Girl is back on our screens, and based on what we’ve seen of Season 3 so far, the wait has certainly been worth it. One of the coolest things about the show is that it appeals to a wide demographic; different people enjoy the show for different reasons. Here are our Top 5 reasons why we’re happy about Lost Girl’s return. Be sure to click on “read more” for the entire list.

1. F/F relationship on our TV

It’s been said before but a point worth repeating. We very rarely see a portrayal of a F/F relationship on our TV screens. When we do, it’s often a ratings stunt, hard to tell if they are “girlfriends” or they will end up replaying the dead/evil lesbian trope.

Lost Girl has been a refreshing change from that; we haven’t sat through “just-for-ratings” kisses, or the “experimenting with a guest star” before going back to hetero-ville. Lauren is a functioning, adult lesbian which in itself is rare. It’s nice to see Bo and Lauren’s relationship treated as normal (as normal as it can be within the confines of the Fae world). Perhaps the best part is that the Lost Girl cast and crew understand the importance of the Doccubus relationship to the community and make a conscious effort to treat it in a respectful manner.

Top 5 – Season Two Best Outfits

We continue to look back on Season Two, and this week we’re appreciating the effort that the wardrobe department put in to make these women look their best. Click on “read more” to view the full list.

1. Who says you can’t look good for your girl at any occasion…including funerals. (2.21)


Top 5 Doccubus Scenes in the Second Half of Season 2

Sadly, Season 2 has come to a close. One might say that this season has given us some memorable Doccubus moments but also tested our commitment to the ship at times. We look back at our favourite Doccubus scenes from the drama-filled second half of the season. (Read our pick of top 5 scenes from the first half of the season here.) Click on “read more” for the entire list.

1. Breathless (2.21)

We’ve chosen this as the top scene in the second half of Season 2 because after so much drama, so much angst, so much dancing around, Bo and Lauren finally, finally, verbally acknowledged their feelings to each other. Lauren realized, just as all of us did, that Bo went Super!Succubus at the sight of her in peril because of what she felt for Lauren. Of course, perpetually geeky Lauren’s Eureka! moment ruined the long awaited kiss between them. That might be a bit too frustrating even for us “UST” (Unresolved Sexual Tension) junkies.

Top 5 Season One Doccubus Moments

We’re looking forward to the finale of Season Two as much as anyone but this week we thought we’d revisit the past and take a look at the best moments from Season One.  You may remember we polled our readers early on, asking what your favourite Doccubus scenes were in Season One.  So, as voted by you, here’s this week’s list. Click on “read more” to view the entire list.

1. Bo and Lauren at the bar to test Bo’s control in the real world (1.06)

Bo & Lauren may have told themselves they were test driving Bo’s control of her powers in the real world, but it looked a lot like a date to us. Lauren made her move; it was just a pity that Bo didn’t trust herself enough to follow through.

Top 5 Cringeworthy Lines Said by Bo and Lauren

We can probably agree that neither Bo nor Lauren is the most eloquent with words, whether it’s just a really cheesy line, the way they deliver it, or blurting out something during inappropriate moments. Maybe we’re just sensitive to these things, but sometimes their lines just make us cringe and hide behind the nearest thing we can find. This week, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Cringeworthy Lines Said by Bo and Lauren. Click on “read more” for the full list.

1.”I’m doing what I can – politically. I just need a few more hours.” ~Lauren (1.08)

Top 5 Kenzi Thoughts on Lauren

It’s fair to say that ever since the start of the series, Kenzi and Lauren’s relationship has been frosty at best, and Kenzi is never short of things to say when it comes to the good doctor. Some of her comments have been memorable, some downright infuriating, some unexpectedly sensible, but we can be sure that they’ll always be colourful. This week, we’ve chosen the top 5 Kenzi quotes with regard to Lauren. Click on “read more” for the entire list.

1. “…And second, honestly, you can’t have Dyson and chase after Dr. Hotpants anymore. Time to pick a team, dude.” (1.08)

No other sentence coming out of Kenzi’s mouth even comes close to making as big of an impact on the fanbase as this one. In short, it forever christened Lauren/Zoie as “Hotpants”. So much so that Anna jokingly called Zoie “Dr. Hotpants” on set.