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Season 3 Teaser

Doccubus fans, check out this must-see Season 3 trailer posted by Showcase. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Season 3 Cast Interviews

Here’s a snippet of the cast talking about Season 3, posted by TheGATE, one of the journalists on set during their last day of filming. Full interview will be posted closer to the premiere.

Syfy Season 3 Promo

After the Season 2 finale last Friday, Syfy aired a short Season 3 promo, which consists of a few quick clips from the new season. Check it out below:

Last Day of Shooting for Season 3

A few journalists were on set for the last day of shooting for Season 3 yesterday. Check out the quick write-up about their visit on their page, which includes a picture of the cast members who were on set.

ET Canada Interviews Linda Hamilton and Rachel Skarsten

ET Canada was on the Lost Girl set recently during the filming of the Season 3 episode which guest stars Linda Hamilton. Check out their site for some insight on Linda’s role. Watch ET’s segment with Linda as well as Rachel Skarsten, who plays Tamsin:

Interview with Anna at Comic Con

Below is a short interview with Anna at Comic Con. Kudos to the interviewer for managing to get some general comments about Season 3 out of Anna. The particularly interesting part is at 2:02.