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Sex After Kids Photoshoot

It’s the last day of SAK’s funding campaign on Indiegogo and the last chance to get some perks for your contributions! Here’s a new shot of the ladies of SAKS with Jeremy Lalonde that was sent to those who have previously donated (which is okay to re-post per Jeremy). Click for a larger version:

Here’s the other photo with just the ladies:

Zoie & Jeremy LaLonde Chipmunking

Keeping their promise after the campaign reached $40K by a certain date, Zoie and Jeremy donned chipmunk suits at a playground and even roamed the streets of Toronto. The Sex After Kids funding campaign is close to reaching its goal of $50K. There are 9 days left to contribute here. Don’t forget to vote for Sex After Kids for Project of the Month over at Indiewire. The winner will get to talk to Sundance. Watch their hijinks below:

Sex After Kids’ Q&A with Zoie

The Sex After Kids site has been featuring Q&A’s with various cast members. Read Zoie’s insanely hilarious Q&A one here. Here’s a snippet of it:

What else are you working on these days, or have coming up?

ZP: This show called “Lost Girl”. Its about this girl Bo who loves this girl Lauren. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Also, from now until Monday, March 19 at 11 am EST, vote for Sex After Kids over at IndieWire.com to be Project of the Week, which will then put them in the running for Project of the Month.

Please continue to support their funding campaign at indiegogo.

Interview with Jeremy LaLonde: Part II

Thanks for the positive feedback on Twitter yesterday! Click here for part 1 of the interview if you haven’t read it. Here is part 2 of our interview with Jeremy, in which he teases how big Zoie’s role will be, what it’s like to work with Zoie and Kris, and much more.


How big of a role will Zoie be playing? We’re all hoping to see her on screen quite a bit. ~Submitted by Becky Clark

JL: It’s an ensemble film, so there’s more-or-less an equal weight to each of the five stories.  However, based on my initial shooting schedule, Zoie has the most days of anyone in the cast.  So that should tell you something about the size of her role… or maybe I just like having her around…


Could you talk a bit about the benefits of “crowd-sourcing” funding and if there are challenges associated with it?  Have you funded films this way before? And what role is social media playing in all of this?

JL: This is my first go-around with crowd-funding.  I think the benefits are that you get to build a fan base for the project right from the ground floor – and you get to interact with them!  The money you raise doesn’t have to be paid back outside of the perks you provide, so there’s a nice safety net where no one is looking for their money back – and if the film works out you’re into profit very quickly.  The challenges are that it’s a lot of work to get the word out and get people to contribute.  You have to be dedicated to it, and you have to ask a bit more of your cast and crew if you want to do viral marketing.  My producer Jennifer Liao and I spent some time researching successful campaigns and seeing the patterns of what they did.  You can search for articles online that talk about it as well.  I imagine that when this is all done I’ll write a detailed article on my blog about it (thefabric.blogspot.com).  Social media is absolutely integral.  You can’t do crowd-funding without it.

Submit Your Questions for Jeremy LaLonde

As we mentioned in our recent post, Zoie, Kris, and Paul will be working on the movie “Sex After Kids”, written and directed by Jeremy LaLonde. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be interviewing Jeremy, who will be happy to answer any questions about “Sex After Kids”, “The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard”, as well as working with Zoie. We welcome any questions that you might have for Jeremy, which you can submit by filling in the form below (by Friday night). We’ll select from the pool of questions we receive to combine with our own. We look forward to your great questions!

Update on March 3: Thanks to those who submitted questions. Look for our interview to be up later!

Donate to “Sex After Kids” Campaign

Want to see Zoie, Kris, and Paul Amos in a movie together? Jeremy Lalonde, the writer/director who brought us “The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard” is working on another indie project, an edgy romantic comedy titled “Sex After Kids”. If they can secure enough funding, the movie will be able to go ahead. You can help make it happen by donating to their fundraising campaign here and get some really cool stuff based on your contribution level.