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More Details on the Special Live Chat with Emily Andras and Advance Question Submission

Our special live chat with Emily Andras, the showrunner of Season 3 of Lost Girl, is only a week away. We are providing more details as well as an opportunity to submit questions in advance.

The special live chat will be held during the Canadian airing of Episode 3.08, on March 10th at 9 pm EST, followed by an official Question & Answer session with Emily. During the episode, Meg will be doing the live updates while Emily will jump in with behind-the-scenes info. After the episode, we will start off the Q&A session with some pre-selected fan questions submitted to us in advance (using the form below), followed by additional questions from those in the room.

For those unable to attend the chat, we will post the full transcript on our site immediately after the chat. Please click on “read more” for more details.

Special Live Chat and Q&A with Emily Andras on March 10th

We have some very exciting news for Doccubus fans! As we announced during our Live Chat last night, Emily Andras, Lost Girl’s showrunner for Season 3, will be live chatting with us in the Doccubus chat room during Episode 3.08 (scheduled to air on March 10th on Showcase at 9 pm EST), followed by an official Question & Answer session.

More details will be posted closer to the event, on our site. We very much look forward to this special live chat and hope you will join us. For those unable to attend, not to worry – we will be posting a transcript of the chat very soon after.

Emily Andras’ Surprise Visit to Our Live Chat

We were happy to see Emily Andras, Lost Girl’s showrunner, dropped by our chatroom this evening during episode 3.06, to thank everyone for their effort voting in the E! Online poll.

For anyone who missed it, you can read all she said by clicking on “read more”.

2013 Canadian Screen Awards Nominations

Wonderful news! Members of the Lost Girl team have been nominated for a few Canadian Screen Awards. Ksenia Solo for “Best Actress in a Supporting Role”, Emily Andras for “Best Writing in a Dramatic Series”, Ian Brock for “Best Production Design or Art Direction in a Fiction Program or Series” and Lisa Parasyn for casting. Congratulations to all! The full nominees list can be found here.

Podcast of the Writers Guild of Canada Panel with Emily Andras

The WGC has posted the podcast of their panel (with the exception of the audience Q&A) with Emily Andras last week. A link to the podcast is found on their site here.

Quick Summary of The Writers Guild’s Panel with Emily Andras

I attended the TV writing panel featuring Emily Andras that was hosted by The Writers Guild. Here is a quick summary of the some of the things that they touched on. This is all from memory so some of the things may not be 100% accurate. The talk was recorded by organizers and expected to be put up as a podcast. This page will be continuously updated as more things come to mind. The summary below is in no particular order.

- This season, Bo may or may not be in a monogamous relationship. (Emily might’ve added “with a woman”, but I’m not completely sure).
- When asked for a S3 teaser, replies that Bo will have to make decisions regarding her relationship, good vs. evil, and will find out something about herself that will affect everyone.
- When asked if fan feedback impacts the writing, she said that writers have to take fan feedback with a grain of salt. Then sort of used the vocal Bo & Lauren fan base as an example. The conclusion is that “some” fan feedback is taken into account.
- Showcase gives them very few notes on their scripts. Syfy gives them no notes because the show is just an acquisition for them. They tend to be a little concerned about sexuality and swearing.
- Showcase sets the tone; they don’t want the tone too dark.
- Writing is a collaborative process.  Every scripts get passed around the writing staff. Certain writers are better at writing certain characters.
- Regarding the beginning of the season. They plot out Bo’s journey. Then the other characters individually, then the relationships. And the Big Bad…
- Breakdown of each episode: 70% case of the week, 20% soapy/relationship stuff, 10% mythology/moving the season’s arc along. Changes as the season progresses to focus less on case of the week and more on the arc.
- 7 shooting days per ep on average. Some 6, some 8. Usually 3 days on location, 4 days on set. (or might’ve been vice versa).
- Show appeals to marginalized groups like genre fans (altho movies like The Avengers are pretty mainstream now) and LGBT fans. LGBT fans have really embraced Bo & Lauren and they want to treat the relationship with respect.
- Talks about what it is like to be married to a writer herself.
- Very grateful to have a 22-ep Season 2. However, felt a bit stretched. Maybe a couple of eps too long.
- Her day consists of mostly meetings and making sure that everything keeps running.
- Talked about her previous work and how she first started out.
- Few women writers in the industry.
- Female protagonists popular now.
- She likes a collaborative environment where people feel heard.
- The writing plays to the actors’ strengths. Sometimes cast might not like what their characters have to do but she tells them that it’s good for the story.
- Discussed genre shows in general. They try to put a twist on tv tropes and mythological creatures.
- Even if fans want certain characters want them together, there would be little story to tell if they are just together and sitting on the couch [I'm really paraphrasing here]. They want to take viewers for a ride and be able to tell a story.
- Even if Showcase didn’t want the show too dark initially, she feels like they have earned the right to have the show grow darker with progressive seasons (i.e. character deaths, etc.)
- Has gotten hate mail from fans. Some people think she hates lesbians. She says she loves lesbians.
- Regarding the writing playing to the actor’s strengths. For instance, Anna Silk is not tough like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens. She appears more vulnerable on screen, so the writing plays up Bo’s vulnerabilities.
- They usually blow the budget on the season premiere. Episode 2 very challenging. Try to follow up with a strong case.
- The biggest obstacle is money. However, genre writers in Canada gain a lot of experience writing with a low budget.
- She believes in sharing the glory with the whole team but “eating the shit” herself when things go wrong, because the buck stops with her.
- She doesn’t want the show to be black-and-white; prefers grey. Dark Fae doesn’t necessarily mean evil and Light Fae can sometimes be hypocritical. People are not how they seem. Sometimes they are more than they seem, sometimes less than they seem.