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Photos from SDCC and Fan Expo

We’ve uploaded some pictures of the cast at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and Fan Expo to the gallery. Thank you to @mangababe for kindly sharing with us her SDCC photos.

Lost Girl at San Diego Comic Con

Lost Girl will once again make an appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, with Zoie, Kris, Ksenia, Emily Andras, and Jay Firestone slated to be there. There will be an autograph session followed by a panel on Saturday, July 20. Details can be found here.

Additional Q&A with Emily Andras: Part II

Here are Emily’s answers to three more fan submitted questions that didn’t make it into our live chat due to time constraints. Part I can be found here.

A lot of series do musical episodes… like Buffy & Xena. Do you see that at all in the future of Lost Girl – seeing as you also have some “musical” cast members?

Buffy set the bar pretty high on this one, so we’d have to find a new angle on it. How’s that for non-committal?

Was there actually a line in the script in episode 303 where Lauren whispers something suggestive to Bo? Or just a stage direction?

Imagine the sexiest, more blush-inducing innuendo your Doccu-lovin’ brain can cook up: It was ten times better than that.

Additional Q&A with Emily Andras: Part I

Emily has graciously answered some more fan submitted questions that didn’t make it into our live chat due to time constraints. Below are her answers to three of the questions. Stay tuned for more next week.

Who would be your ultimate guest star?

Linda Hamilton was pretty sweet. Along those same lines, I would love to get Sigourney Weaver. If we’re dreaming big, and by big I obviously mean OLP (Original Lady Power), why not add Pam Grier and Madonna to the list? I also just caught Snow White and the Huntsman and Charlize Theron was boss. I wished the entire movie had just been about her evil Queen Ravena. On a purely Canadian level, I’d love to persuade Jay Baruchel to come and play. So if any of those people call and are looking for me…hook me up.

Transcript of Tonight’s Special Live Chat with Emily Andras

A big thank you to Emily for joining us in chatroom tonight.

We now have a shorter edited version of the chat online, which can be read here. The full transcript of the live chat and Q&A can still be read here.

Emily also announced during the chat that for those who voted in the E! Online poll that got us the Doccubus win, send your specs to unicorndepot@gmail.com within 3 days.

Tonight’s Special Live Chat and Q&A with Emily Andras

Tonight’s the night! Emily Andras will be joining our live chat during the Canadian airing of Episode 3.08, followed by an official Question & Answer session. As previously mentioned, we will start off the Q&A session with some fan questions submitted to us earlier, followed by additional questions from those in the room.

For those unable to attend the chat, we will post the full transcript on our site immediately after the chat.

The chat room has been taken offline and will re-open tonight at 8:40 pm EST. (Important note: Daylight Savings Time just took effect earlier today so we have jumped forward an hour).

Before participating in tonight’s chat, please be sure read through the following details that we posted previously (click on read more) so that the chat runs smoothly and is a positive experience for everyone.