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Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« on: December 07, 2013, 12:17:45 PM »
Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll

Written by:  Jeremy Boxen
Directed by:  Ron Murphy

Let the Dark Times Roll

Bo's quest for answers leads the gang to a Dark Fae party, with a dangerous guest list. Meanwhile, Trick is summoned to appear before the Una Mens.

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As always, Thanks Canuck!  For the list.
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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2013, 09:30:36 PM »
It aired early in Halifax tonight, so I'm opening up the thread a bit faster than normal.  Check out @lostgirllive for the tweets.  Until I watch it, I can really be certain of the emotional feel it translates. 

Here's some of the highlights:

1)  Bo's dark for a bit, has to work for the Morrigan get Vex yadi yadi.
2)  The Morrigan is currently in possession of Lauren.   They reunite and it's all lovely for like 30sec.
3)  Bo goes after Vex with Lauren in tow.  Stuff happens they start to have a talk that gets interrupted.
4)  Vex knocks out Bo after Bo chases him, they have a lovely chat about Lauren.  Vex cut his own hand off for "reasons"... ew.
5)  The UnaMens want Trick to become the new Ash.
6)  Bo and Lo talk.  Culminating in Lauren saying that the dark were the only ones to look for her and now that Bo's dark she'll "see her around".
7)  Bo gets all insulted, pushes Lauren's hand away and says. "When you're ready to come back to your real family, say the word."
8)  In the middle of all of this Kenzi and Tamsin work to free Bruce by having a Dance Off the death with his owner.  5 bucks says this takes the lion's share of screentime.  lol.

No onscreened motivations listed for Lauren's sudden Dark affinity.  Although it's never for surface reasons.  She'd been held prisoner for days..a week?  Someone found her.  No resolution on Crystal whatsoever. She's disappeared and isn't mentioned once.

ETA'd after a once over:

The troubling bit to me, is that on the surface Lauren appears to be everything the irritating haters love to crow about.  She's been condemned a terrorist by her own words last episode and now, she's dark ...with something hidden.    It could be a repeat of the feel of Season 1.  It's easy for many of the audience to have empathy for her, but you have to read between the lines because the surface stuff tells a different story. 
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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2013, 11:38:38 PM »
It's easy for many of the audience to have empathy for her, but you have to read between the lines because the surface stuff tells a different story.
Hmm... Isn't that always the case with our beloved doctor?


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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2013, 12:11:10 AM »
What I liked about this episode.

- Bo going on and on about how great Lauren is  :(w00t)
- Doccubus reuniting (kind of...seems like they gave us a bit of sugar and we'll be in vinegar for a long time for them)
- Lauren calling Bo out on how exactly she thinks she can free her
- Evony saying..."scissor already!"


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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2013, 12:20:56 AM »
Something interesting to note as i'm giffing this:

When Lauren appears and walks towards Bo.  she's walking barefoot from what looks to be a graveyard.  #just sayin.

It doesn't necessarily have any context, but as little details that niggle.. WOW.
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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #6 on: December 09, 2013, 01:06:05 AM »
Something seems off with Lauren. When she speaks to Bo, it seems different somehow, like it's lacking the usual emotion. I don't know what it is, but it's kind of bugging me. Maybe I was expecting more or something. Also, I was expecting more from their talk. They kept reiterating how they needed to talk and it was a brief, barely scratch the surface type of "talk" again.


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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #7 on: December 09, 2013, 01:06:39 AM »
I actually liked the episode, though there have been a few things that bothered me a little but oh well.

-So Trick is responsible for the Una Mens. While I do think that it is an interesting twist of events, I was hoping they'd get a little more into his background story (but I guess there's not much time in a single episode anyways, and let's be honest I'd take doccubus scenes over Trick anyday lol)

-I was surprised at the overwhelming amount of events that had been speculated on and came true, kudos to all the masterminds on this board, from Bo chi-sucking (well, trying) the Una Mens to Lauren being reintroduced at the party and working for the dark, just wow!

-While I guess that working for the dark is pretty much Lauren's only option right now, I do not like that it hasn't been further elaborated as to why she does, since the GA probably doesn't do all the in depth analyses like we do. Now it pretty much looks like that she only did it because she's upset that they didn't come looking for her (though apparently not at Bo, as she had made clear)

-The moment when Lauren told her was a bittersweet moment nonetheless, Lauren does finally stand up for herself which in return makes Bo leave her again. I'm baffled that Bo still does not understand Lauren's position, I had to gulp when she said she'd rather choose her own prison, even if that means not sticking with Bo since, as she has pointed out, would end up in ownership again. So in the end Bo is as ignorant and immature as always. Sigh.

-On a positive note: DOCCUBUS! Tons of doccubus and I loved it! You could clearly see the difference in facial expressions on Bo's face when she saw her and all those rants about the break being over and the necklace was so sweet hahaha (though I guess they're on a break again? I don't even) But hey, what I'm hoping: No break, no Dyson  :egyptian:

-Just to emphasize it again, NO DYSON WHAT AN EFFING RELIEF HELL YES

-That weird woman saying that they're a cute couple, made me go aaaw hahaha

So these are all the things I could think of for now, mind's still a bit dizzy from the doccubus high but this is what I'll be expecting for the next episode(s):

-No less Dyson (cause let's be honest he will reappear sooner or later, so let's just hope it's later)

-Tamsin falling into a state of identity crisis now that she has made her first kill

-Doccubus hopefully having that talk, cause as we know so far having the talk usually leads to good things (and hopefully a bit more understanding on Bo's side)

-Bo finding a way out of her binding to the dark, there's no way the writers would make her choose since it goes against everything the show stands for. But it will be interesting to see how her relationship with Trick/Dyson/Hal will alter now that she's dark


-Brenzi? Kruze? Whatever they're called, I smell trouble for the Kale fandom, and by all means you don't need to be a wolf to smell the upcoming drama

Yeah I think that pretty much sums it up.

PS: I have to say, I like kid Tamsin, like, a lot. I find her character just so endearing and don't even get me started about the dance battle, pretty much laughed all the way through it hahaha it was hilarious! Just hope she stays that way cause I find her very likable (lovable? *gasp*) as of now  :(2sweat)

Also Lauren walking towards Bo with the light shining on her like a halo, actually had to laugh out loud at the sheer ridiculousness of that moment but god Zoie Palmer is so gorgeous.

PPS: Absolute most favorite scene:

"Well I guess we have a lot to talk about."

"Yeah I guess we should."

*jump at each other*

I'd usually say less talk more kissing, but if that's their definition of talking, by all means, please continue "talking"  :(lol)
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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #8 on: December 09, 2013, 01:17:42 AM »
 I really don't understand Bo but I can't handle my doccubus heart when I saw they together. They are a great couple and this episode remind me why I think they are the best couple in this show.

Not Dyson in this episode wohooo.


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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #9 on: December 09, 2013, 01:21:16 AM »
But don't worry!  EA says.  Dyson will be in the next episode.  Like we could ever forget.....

Why am I still watching this show?  oh right.

because of this.


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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #10 on: December 09, 2013, 01:24:27 AM »
Wow. This episode blew the previous episode out of the water. It did nothing I expected, yet almost everything worked. There were huge movements forward in both plot, characterization, and the overall story arc. We, as the audience, learned a great deal about a great many things.

The connection between Bo and Lauren was highlighted, then spelled out and bolded for extra emphasis.

There were none of the emotional temper tantrums I was expecting. Nothing about Bo seemed "off" this episode either. She adores Lauren and desperately wants to save her. She is devastated Lauren has chosen to stay with the Dark. She wants to talk to Lauren about what happened between them.  She refuses to hand Vex over to Evony to be tortured and killed. She intervened with the humans at the Dark party. She was back to being bold and standing up for everyone. Unfortunately, she is also back to being somewhat naive and too good natured to figure out when she is being played -and Evony did - like a fiddle - again. The shadow of episode 206 is a long one.

Speaking of Evony, she was also making a real effort to not just play, but play nice with Bo. She gave her Lauren. She gave her Vex. She only pouted when Bo sent off the humans at the party. She was much easier to deal with than the first Ash, or Lachlan, or even Hale. But I am guessing playtime is going to come to an abrupt stop soon.

Lauren was holding something back. I applaud her agency in choosing to stay with the Dark, but I question her motives. Something is wrong. I am expecting there is much more to her "deal" with the Dark than she was willing to say. I am expecting it involves Crystal, whose absence was very conspicuous.

Mercifully, Kenzi was perfectly Kenzi this episode, and not a junkie stealing from her friends, and having a self pity lament. Thank you, writers, thank you! We may not be going down the addiction route after all. *wipes sweat off brow*

The episode was very effective at running the funny and the creepy side by side. Historically, this has always been one of the series' best qualities, and it was on full display here.

The differences between the Light and the Dark were perfectly juxtaposed. The Dark are much more fun...until they aren't.

The scavenger as a fan caricature was a riot..until she repeatedly gutted her "trashed" victim.

Bruce under the sushi bar was hilarious..until Kenzi found the dead newlyweds under the table.

The dance off was a little ridiculous...until Tamsin killed her opponent.

Vex and Bo sparring in Dyson's apartment was amusing and quite informative...until he cut his freaking hand off.

Dangling questions about how Bo became Dark without choosing were cleared up. The gargoyle did read her blood. And the archivist was truly revolting. But his information was solid. Bo signed on the dotted line to become a member of the Dark. She just doesn't remember it. Her sponsor is a new wrinkle in our drama.

Bo is going to have to fight much harder and much longer to get what she wants this season. The Una Mens were impressively powerful. They stopped her in her tracks. New lines are being drawn that are redefining all of the relationships on the show, and Bo is going to have to adapt and adjust if she wants to win.   

It was great to have Trick back. His elevation to acting Ash, as well as the looming threat of being outed as the Blood King, worked very well. As a consequence of that storyline, the Una Mens are also starting to be fleshed out as individual characters, and not simply one-dimensional villains.

This was definitely an episode for the women, and definitely an episode for Doccubus shippers.
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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #11 on: December 09, 2013, 01:25:42 AM »
EA Interview

Things I took from this:

"And there are certainly some sex scenes coming up that are deliciously borderline as anything we’ve done."


"But, there may be opportunity for more fabulous sex scenes going forward…"

I hope I'm not getting my hopes up for nothing.


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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #12 on: December 09, 2013, 01:36:17 AM »
After reading EA's post episode thought came to me.

Things have been completely wonky since 401.  Nobody is the same, everyone seems to be affected to some degree or another.

She mentioned that there will be a third Big Bad as yet unseen.    :(1hmm)

I'd be willing to wager that it's Trick.   There were reasons the Blood King disappeared, and I think his becoming acting Ash, and (possibly) having to reveal himself as The Blood King to more than just a few - leads to that which he has suppressed coming out in full force.

Makes sense when you think about "everything being turned upside-down".  :(o_O)

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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #13 on: December 09, 2013, 01:41:47 AM »
OK ladies watched it twice.. I am gonna get it for this but I actually really liked it. Having seen it makes perfect sense all except the una mens bull..

Things I liked:
1) doccubus scenes were awesome.
2) Evony is awesome i take back the comment about her being annoying. ( scissor already!!)
3) Bo acknowledging Dyson is just a recharge.
4) Kenzi calling Bo out on her love life.
5) Bo acknowledging how great Lauren is.  :(thumb)
6) Bo holding her ground about not being dark and not going against the point that she is unaligned and wants to remain that way.
7) Trick being shook.  >:D
8) Dance off and rescuing bruce.
10) No Dyson!! :(w00t)
11) Vex's back story!

Things I didn't like:
1) No resolution to the Crystal
2) Continuity continuity continuity!!!
3) Everything old is new again
4) Lauren goes dark?!?!?  :(wacko)
5) I'll see you around??!?!?!? see point 3
6) feels somewhat revenge of the dawning/ seasons 1 &2
7) Trick is the ash..oh ok  :o

Random Points:

I thought that it was out of character for Lauren the way it was being described but when I watched it I honestly it felt like the Lauren of old to me from season one. I can see them kissing upon seeing each other, neither one was really sure where the other one was or if they were ok/safe. I never got the vibe that Lauren didn't want to talk I got the vibe that she didn't think talking while hunting the most powerful mezmer was a good idea. I mean Lauren mentions Karen and doesn't shy away from Bo when she wants to talk about taft.  I think we can all agree that Bo's timing is sometimes not the best. I think they were gonna have the talk I think the whole a cage of my choosing speech threw that for a loop. I am not sure the light fae wasn't looking for her (I repeat I am not defending Dyson here or hale) but they had no light fae leader. Can't send out a search and rescue team with no leader. As soon as they found Bo, Dyson starts looking for Lauren. I am not ready to condemn the light fae on the no search and rescue team when Lauren left the party to play with Taft and co. Not that I don't understand her motivation for leaving but you want to leave the party you check your jacket at the door. I am not sure Bo showing up at taft and co doesn't count as looking for her. Yes Bo was there to save Dyson but she would have done anything to save lauren.

Cage of my choosing and you would end up owning me....Well now isn't that a surprise from one Dr. Lauren Lewis who pledges her eternal fealty to douche bag Lochlan. It is an interesting twist. While I agree that she has every right to feel the way she feels and she has every right to say what she feels to Bo...Is she for real? Show of hands who thinks Evony is really gonna let her come and go as she pleases? :(wallbash) Who also thinks that Evony will not threaten to kill Lauren or turn her over to the una mens as soon as Bo stops cooperating? :(wacko) It's all nonsense. I am so glad lauren stood up for herself but that song of no dog collar; cage of my choosing is just a dog that wont hunt. If in fact there is a cage of your choosing wouldn't the less of all the evils be Bo since she is the chosen one and at the end of the day BO LOVES LAUREN!!!!  Multiple times Bo has offered to free Lauren at the expense of herself and under penalty of death. Lauren could have also run when they defeated the Gurada. Nah..not buying what they are selling. I think there is something more to it maybe crystal, maybe massimo was her brother, maybe evony is her mother, maybe  interpol, maybe whatever. Bo has claimed kenzi, right? Kenzi doesn't appear to be owned and Bo had no problem with kenzi telling the Morrigan I am no bodies pet.

Trick where do I start with this guy. His tomfoolery knows no bounds. He is the blood king but doesn't use his power but is gonna cut himself to save himself from the una mens.. what?!!?!what?!?!  :(o_O) It's cool your dark I am the ash lets party. Stop the crazy trick train I want to get off.. I can't with him anymore he needs to pick a damn side and stop hiding behind his crap with Aife and the fae wars. i am over it. We will find your sponsor and the kings book. Hello doesn't every fae sign in at the Dal?!?! Or did we forget that. You know with him being the new ash the Dyson/Trick love affair is going to ramp up to almost unbearable, not that it ever was.

I actually liked Bo this episode and this is the first time since mid last season I actually enjoyed watching her. Yea I am not sure I would have handled the I'll see you around comment with when you want to come back to your real family say the word but I liked it, however, it isn't out of character for Bo to let lauren make her own decisions and to stand by her. Bo never actually says let me take you to the light fae compound, she says let me take you home, home being the crack shack. I could be wrong here.  In that scene they both stood their ground. It's hard to remember this but they haven't always been on the same page in their love affair or their friendship but they did stand their ground with each other quite often. I am ok with them not being on the same page as long as it has a purpose.  I am ok with the longing doccubus relationship from season one and season two because it was a better quality relationship and it all had purpose an continuity.  At the end of this episode Bo is upset visibly about Lauren's choice and leaving her with the morrigan that's more then we have gotten in 7 episodes spanning last season and this season. I don't think Bo meant that I would claim you and own you. I think Bo believes she would do exactly what she did with Kenzi.

Just random thoughts I am sure someone will say it better then me or point out things I missed.

Kedrie I am counting on you for the counts!!


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Re: Episode Discussion S4:E5-- Let the Dark Times Roll
« Reply #14 on: December 09, 2013, 01:46:56 AM »
But don't worry!  EA says.  Dyson will be in the next episode.  Like we could ever forget.....

Why am I still watching this show?  oh right.

because of this.

Your my minster of QUalm!! :(hug)