Doccubus Chatroom

Welcome to the chatroom and episode live blog! You will note that there is now a live blog section underneath the chatroom, which will strictly be used for the live recap of the Pre-show and episode. The chatroom will be for general discussion. For those who want to participate in the chat and follow the live blog, the best way is to “pop out” the chatroom onto a separate window by clicking on the “monitor” icon (third one from the left) in the bottom left corner of the chat. For those who cannot see the live blog under the chatroom in their browser, the live blog can be viewed directly on this page. Please note the rules of use.

Chatroom rules:

- The chatroom holds 50 chatters and 50 viewers. The room will be open at around 8:45 pm EST, 15 minutes before the episode. Spots in the chatroom will be available on a first-come first-serve basis. Even after the room fills up, the live blog will still be viewable to everyone to follow the live recap.
- No posting of streaming or download links. They will be immediately deleted, the room warned and you may be kicked/banned from the chat.
- Please stay on topic in the room.
- There will be no bashing of other users or the actors. Please be respectful of all fans in the Lost Girl fandom.
- The chat administrators (Admin Meg and Darth Scooby) and our new moderator (kedrie) will only be logged on under those usernames and their text colour will always be blue.