2.22 – “Flesh and Blood”

Written By: Alan McCullough
Directed By: Steve DiMarco
Original Airdate: April 1, 2012

The episode begins with Trick giving Bo a vial of life essence to drink should the dark side overtake her. He is subsequently kidnapped by an Underfae working for the Garuda. Bo then visits Lauren at home, who gives her a test tube filled with Lachlan’s venom, the only dose that she managed to salvage as the other samples were too degraded. Bo muses about putting all the eggs in one basket but quickly apologizes to Lauren, saying that she’s the only person in a thousand years to get that done. Lauren looks at Bo for a moment before saying, “Bo… you promise me one thing. You make the Garuda suffer.” Bo replies that the Garuda has her grandfather, which means he can force the Blood King to do things. “Do you know how powerful Trick is?” Bo asks. “Almost as powerful as you,” answers Lauren. Lauren tells Bo to have faith in herself, in her heart. Bo replies, “It’s not my heart I’m worried about. I love you…” When Lauren gazes at her without responding, Bo adds, “all…so much.” Lauren then looks deeply into Bo’s eyes and tells her, “Then be what we need…[she caresses Bo's face, which Bo melts into as she closes her eyes] …a leader.”

Later at the Dal, Lauren is injecting everyone with Bo’s blood. She mentions to Dyson, before injecting him, that he’ll start to develop feelings for Bo and he will want to protect her at all costs. She asks if that’s going to be a problem for him. He answers “no.” Vex is the last one to get the injection and reluctantly sits down. Bo checks on them and Lauren tells her so far so good, when suddenly, Vex knocks the injections onto the floor. While Lauren is picking up the syringes from the floor, he randomly grabs one off the table and dramatically injects himself in the stomach before walking away.

After the gang has discovered the likely location of the Garuda’s hideout, Bo leads the group into the abandoned building. Bo splits them up into two groups: Dyson, Vex, Val, and Hale in one, and Lauren and Kenzi with Bo.

As they continue to scour the building and getting lost in the maze of hallways, Lauren asks Bo how she’s feeling. Bo tells her she doesn’t have to ask her every five minutes but Lauren insists that she does. Bo says she feels the same, as always, which doesn’t make sense. Just then, Kenzi notices one of the Garuda’s men up ahead and Bo immediately engages him in a fight. Another man with a sword appears and Bo runs the first man through his sword. When someone comes at Lauren from behind with an ax, she screams “Bo!!!” in terror and ducks. The enemy is fell by an arrow, shot by Kenzi with a crossbow. A stunned Lauren gets back up and thanks Kenzi.

Bo’s group eventually runs into Dyson’s group. Vex is injured and lying in the corner. Lauren checks on him and determines that he has several bad breaks and could go into shock. When Lauren volunteers to stay with Vex, Bo vehemently objects, “What?! No!”. Lauren calmly reasons that Vex cannot travel and needs care. They will find a place to stay until Bo gets back. Bo immediately counters, “No! I’m not leaving you!” Lauren stands up and insists that Bo has to keep going because Trick is still in danger, and reassures her that she’ll be all right. Bo looks at Lauren intensely before pulling her in for a passionate kiss (while Dyson looks on). After the kiss, they hesitate in parting from one another, until Dyson prompts Bo to go.

Lauren is struggling to open a locked door while keeping an eye on Vex, when Hale and Val show up with an injured Kenzi. Val successfully opens the door and they move Vex and Kenzi into the room.

While Bo is fighting the Garuda, back in the room, Vex notes that a group of enemies are heading towards them. However, they cannot leave the room as an unconscious Kenzi is too injured to be moved. Vex lashes out and wants to abandon Bo. The rest of the group figures out that if Vex had been injected with Bo’s blood, he would not be having these traitorous thoughts. Lauren quickly grabs a syringe of Bo’s blood and approaches Vex, but he is uncomfortable with the idea. Lauren, who has had enough, threatens, “Well, you better get comfortable, ‘cos I’m going to shove this arm so far down your throat you’ll be mesmerizing your own bowel movements.” That seems to have intimidated Vex enough for him to give in to the shot. Almost instantaneously, everyone in the group feels a power surge. As does Bo, who continues fighting with the Garuda.

As Kenzi continues to bleed, it suddenly occurs to Lauren that Hale could raise his siren whistle to a high enough frequency to cauterize the wound. After some convincing, he does, and it works. Meanwhile, the Garuda takes over Trick’s body.

Kenzi, who has recovered a little, insists on finding Bo because she promised her that she will either break the blood bond or kill Bo if it doesn’t work, should Bo go out of control.

The whole group reunites with Bo, and Vex suggests just stabbing the Garuda, who is still inside Trick. Lauren says that it wouldn’t work because the Garuda will kill Trick the same way he did Nadia. The Garuda tries to re-write the laws through Trick, but Vex keeps him from cutting his own hand for the blood to do so. Bo injects Trick with Lachlan’s venom and kills the Garuda. Trick collapses and is unresponsive. Lauren kneels down to check on him and confirms that Trick is gone. Bo goes from grief to anger and is quickly reeling out of control with flashing blue eyes. Kenzi reminds Bo to take the meds. Bo takes it out, but rather than drink the life essence that Trick gave her, Bo pours it into Trick’s mouth. Trick promptly comes awake, but Bo starts to go Super!Succubus. Kenzi begins the unbinding and Bo collapses just in time before the darkness overtakes her completely. Lauren and Dyson quickly run to Bo’s side to check on her, but she is all right.

After the ordeal, back at the Dal, Dyson mentions to Lauren that it’ll take them a while to select a new Ash so it’s a good chance for Lauren to run and be free. Lauren tells him that she appreciates Dyson looking out for her. Then she and Dyson both exchange looks with Bo. Vex whispers to Bo that she’ll have a lot of fun with that.