2.21 – “Into the Dark”

Written By: Emily Andras
Directed By: John Fawcett
Original Airdate: March 25, 2012

The gang, with the exception of Dyson, have gathered at the Dal for Ciara’s memorial. Bo asks a sombre Lauren when she last slept. Lauren replies that she will sleep when she has figured out how to stabilize Lachlan’s venom, and Kenzi voices her confidence in her. When Dyson finally shows up and appears understandably distraught, Lauren approaches him at the bar and offers him whiskey. Dyson remarks dryly that it must be the end of the world, for Lauren to be pouring him a drink. Lauren tells him that he doesn’t have to pretend with her, that it’s not weak to let it out. It takes strength to express his pain so that he can go on. Dyson sincerely tells Lauren that he is sorry about Nadia, and Lauren thanks him.

Later, Bo and Lauren attend Lachlan’s service at the compound. When Bo notes that there aren’t as many people as she expected, Lauren replies that Lachlan was not very well known or very liked. A lot of Fae are fleeing town, says Lauren, and Bo remarks that it only leaves them to fight the Garuda. At that moment, the Morrigan saunters in. Bo goes to engage the Morrigan despite Lauren’s warning.

Some time later, Lauren is at home, working hard on finding a solution to preserve Lachlan’s venom when Bo shows up. Lauren looks up and immediately notices that Bo’s hurt. When Lauren rushes over to examine the scratches on her face and asks with concern what happened and who was responsible for this, Bo explains that it’s from her encounter with the Red Caps. Bo continues, “I need…” and Lauren eagerly adds , “To heal, yes, of course” and starts to button her shirt. Bo replies, “No.. no… I was going to say an aspirin”. Lauren quickly composes herself and goes to her desk to grab some medical supplies. Bo tells her it’s not that bad and that she would never do that to her. Lauren replies that she is not thinking clearly; she is stressed about the venom. She has tried every anti-coagulant known to man and Fae and still has not had any luck. Lauren apologizes for complaining to Bo about being stressed. Bo says that it’s okay and that she likes it. It makes her forget what is waiting for them out there.

Lauren then asks Bo if she remembers what happened when The Lich forced Bo to feed off of her. Bo remembers that she sucked the chi out of an entire roomful of people. Lauren says that that scared the hell out of her. It scared Bo, too. Bo is unsure how she did it or what triggered her rage. Lauren offers her hypothesis – she thinks that it is “because of what [they] feel for each other.” Bo slowly stands up and tells Lauren, “You take my breath away.” They slowly draw closer to each other, until their lips are mere millimetres apart, when Lauren whispers, “Breathless”, to which Bo replies, “Completely”. At the moment, it suddenly dawns on Lauren that the venom is only de-oxygenated when it is in stasis. She pulls back and rushes back to her desk to her research. Bo looks bereft and says that she’s glad to be of help. Lauren looks up at Bo meaningfully and tells her that she will see her soon, and Bo responds the same and leaves.

Later, the gang has gathered at the Dal. Bo introduces Vex as their new team member. Bo declares herself the champion and wants everyone to be on board because she cannot do it alone. She needs all of them. Dyson tells her that he is with her until the end. Lauren adds that they all are.

Back at the crack shack, Kenzi and Bo are drinking cheap/fake champagne. Kenzi says that if it is the Fae-pocalypse, Bo should go be with her girl and that she shouldn’t be alone. Bo replies that she’s not alone because she’s with Kenzi.