2.20 – “Lachlan’s Gambit”

Written By: Steve Cochrane
Directed By: Steve DiMarco
Original Airdate: March 18, 2012

In the aftermath of Nadia’s death, Bo explains to Ciara that the Garuda was using Nadia to spy on them and informs her regretfully that she ended up killing her. Ciara tells Bo that she has to find out what the Garuda has learned through Nadia.

When Bo shows up at Lauren’s, she notices the slight disarray around the place as well as Nadia’s bloodstain on the floor. Bo flashes back to that moment and draws her knife when she hears someone behind her. It’s only Lauren, who just came out of a shower. When Bo apologizes and starts to explain that the door was open, Lauren cuts her off and says that she is late (for the meeting), having been told by Trick about the attack. Bo is concerned for Lauren and suggests that it’s a bit early to go back to work after all that has happened. Lauren is unmoved and doesn’t think that she can afford to take time off. Bo tells her that she is worried about her, and Lauren responds with hostility that she appreciates it. She does not want to talk about it and would rather go back to work and be of some use. When Lauren shows her the door, Bo broaches the subject of whether the Garuda might have learned anything about them through Nadia that he could use to his advantage. Lauren is appalled by the timing of Bo’s question. Bo sympathizes that it is an incredibly difficult time for Lauren, but they are at war. Lauren, however, is in no mood to discuss further and forces Bo to leave. Not surprisingly, Lauren remains quite upset when she shows up for the meeting at the Dal.

Later, when someone knocks on Bo’s front door, she cautiously answers it with sword in hand. It’s only Lauren, who asks to come in. Now with a much softer and friendlier demeanour, Lauren asks if she has anything to drink. Bo is pleasantly surprised by Lauren’s change in attitude and goes to fetch the drink from under her bed.

As Bo watches, Lauren downs a shot and admits that she needed this. Bo pours her another and comments that life hasn’t been fair to Lauren and that she is the strongest person that she has ever met. Lauren responds by telling Bo that she went home to fix her hair before showing up at Bo’s. Slightly taken aback, Bo compliments on her hair nonetheless. Lauren goes on to tell her that as a doctor, she knows that she is merely acting out of a transference of grief onto Bo. She adds that wanting to have sex is a very common response to grief. When Lauren continues to ramble on about grief and transference and sex and pain, Bo becomes increasingly amused and tells Lauren adoringly, “I love it when you totally geek out.” Lauren then abruptly asks Bo if she can sleep with her. Bo quickly replies with a serious “yes.” Lauren clarifies that she just meant sleeping in her arms. Bo looks disappointed but replies without missing a beat, “Yeah, exactly.” Ever since the Garuda situation with Nadia and witnessing her death, Lauren hasn’t been able to get any sleep. Bo assures her that she is always welcome there.

After they have settled in Bo’s bed, Lauren, while lying in Bo’s arms, reveals that she is considering escaping from the Ash since he is occupied with the Garuda. The Ash keeps telling her that she has some important role to play in all of this, but she is tired of the Fae controlling her life and wants to leave for good. Bo strokes Lauren’s back and tells her, “Whatever you decide… whatever happens… we are in this together.” Lauren just looks up at her and does not respond.

Later, Lauren is back at her place and packing her bags when she receives a text message from none other than the Ash, who telling her to go to the throne room regarding something important. Lauren looks at Nadia’s bloodstain on the floor as she ponders her next step.

Elsewhere, Bo and the gang have tracked down the Garuda, who taunts her that she killed her lover’s girlfriend. Bo retorts that she saved Nadia from him. While this confrontation is happening, Lauren shows up at the compound to meet with the Ash while Trick is there. The Ash hands her a few syringes.

After the Garuda kills Lachlan and disappears for the time being, Bo and Hale show up and see a decapitated Lachlan on the floor. Lauren runs in and explains that the Garuda thinks that Lachlan’s venom is gone and that he is invincible. Lauren then shows her two syringes filled with Lachlan’s venom. Lauren reassures Bo, “Together, right?”

Lauren later notices that the venom is coagulating. She tells Trick that if it seizes up, Lachlan will have sacrificed himself for nothing.