2.19 – “Truth and Consequences”

Written By: Grant Rosenberg
Directed By: Lee Rose
Original Airdate: March 11, 2012

Lauren is busy running lab tests at home in an attempt to figure out what is wrong with Nadia. All of the tests results so far indicate that Nadia is 100% healthy even though she has been experiencing blackouts and fevers. Nadia is feeling frustrated, and Lauren, while unable to figure out the explanation as yet, suggests that maybe it is related to Nadia having been on life support for five years. Nadia apologizes for snapping at Lauren, who comforts her in return. Nadia softens and expresses how amazed she is that Lauren stuck by her all that time. Lauren looks away for a moment before reassuring Nadia that she would never abandon her. Nadia muses that she doesn’t know if she could have done it, to go through five years without holding someone close and reiterates that Lauren is amazing before giving her a kiss.

Lauren continues to run tests on Nadia’s blood at home, and is shocked to discover a reaction to the Congolese virus anti-serum that was developed to combat a virulent Fae outbreak that should have no effect on humans.

The next day, while Nadia is cutting open a cantaloupe, Lauren approaches her with a syringe. She explains to Nadia that she has developed modified serum that would interact with Nadia’s blood type and hopes that the injection will kill off her virus in Nadia. Surprisingly, Nadia rejects the idea, claiming that she wants no more needles. When Lauren coaxes her and puts a hand on Nadia, she flies into a rage and flings the syringe against the wall.

Later, when Lauren is taking a shower, we hear slow, deliberate footsteps approaching. All of a sudden, Nadia pulls the shower curtain open and attempts to stab Lauren with a kitchen knife. Lauren resists and begs Nadia to stop. When Nadia finally comes to her senses and notices the knife in hand, she drops it on the floor in a daze and wanders out of the bathroom, leaving a hysterical Lauren quivering and crouching in fear.

Afterwards, a terrified Lauren leaves a telephone message for Bo while she is meeting with the Glaive. She asks Bo to call her back as soon as possible and informs her that it is about Nadia.

Meanwhile, Nadia shows up at the clubhouse and asks for Bo when Kenzi opens the door. When Kenzi responds that Bo is not there, Nadia barges into their place anyway, much to Kenzi’s annoyance. When Kenzi grabs her arm, Nadia throws her violently against the wall, knocking her unconscious. When Bo finally returns home, Kenzi explains what transpired earlier.

An increasingly frantic Lauren is leaving another message for Bo when Nadia returns home. Nadia cannot recall where she has been and complains that her brain feels like it’s on fire. She is starting to become quite scared as she cannot differentiate between what is real and what is a dream. Nadia remembers attacking Lauren in the shower and is terrified when Lauren confirms that it really happened. Lauren tries to reassure Nadia, but Nadia wants to know the truth. Lauren balks at this, but Nadia insists that if Lauren loves her, she needs to stop trying to protect her and tell her everything.

Later, we find out that Lauren has explained to Nadia everything about the Fae. Nadia is glad that Lauren is finally confiding in her, a sentiment that Lauren returns. Nadia wants to learn more about Bo as she gets the feeling that she is special. When Lauren acknowledges that Bo is special to her and has become a very good friend, Nadia clarifies that she meant that Bo was special in the Fae world. Just then, Lauren’s cell rings and when she tries to answer it, Nadia violently knocks the phone out of her hand and tells her to forget about Bo. Lauren is once again concerned with Nadia’s behaviour.

Nadia continues to question Lauren, wanting to know more about the Ash and the compound when Bo bursts through the front door. She demands to know why Nadia showed up at her place and attacked Kenzi. Nadia claims that she does not remember and asks Lauren to get Bo to leave. When Bo is undeterred, Nadia suddenly goes into a rage and tosses Lauren against the wall. Bo responds by drawing her knife and putting it against Nadia’s neck, telling her to pick on someone her own size.  Nadia, who is seemingly her old self again, asks Lauren for help. Bo is unmoved and insists that it’s a trick. Lauren pleads with Bo that Nadia is sick and that Bo is scaring her. When Bo finally relents and sheaths her knife, Nadia attacks her by surprise and throws her against the kitchen counter. Lauren tries to intervene but Nadia grabs her by the throat with one hand. A desperate Lauren begs Nadia to fight it. When Nadia once again reverts to her own self, she is aghast at what she has done. She feels something inside of her and its hatred. It dawns on Bo that it is the Garuda. Nadia cannot bear the pain and tells Lauren to stop it while she still can. Lauren is at a loss of what to do, and Nadia suggests for Lauren to kill her. Lauren doesn’t think she can do it, so Nadia pleads with Bo to kill her. Bo just stands there, frozen with uncertainty. Lauren now tells Bo to do it, to “do it for her.. do it for me”. Bo frantically responds, “I can’t! I can’t!” A hysterical Lauren shouts at Bo to just do it and covers her face when Nadia suddenly transforms and goes after Lauren again. Bo sees this and quickly grabs Nadia by the shoulders to turn her around and stabs her in the stomach. Nadia is in shock and slowly looks down at the knife in her stomach. She utters a “thank you” to Bo before collapsing to the floor, and Lauren quickly kneels beside her. Nadia tells her that she is sorry but Lauren says that it’s all her fault. Despite Lauren’s pleas to stay with her, Nadia expires. Bo, who has remained silent this whole time, quietly walks out of the loft, leaving a heartbroken Lauren to mourn Nadia’s death.