2.17 – “The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire”

Written By: Emily Andras
Directed By: Brett Sullivan
Original Airdate: February 19, 2012

At the clubhouse, Kenzi is sharing her boyfriend problems with Bo. Rather than explain to Nate why she is acting like Hale’s girlfriend and coming clean about the Fae, Kenzi spins a story about she and Bo being spies but gives away her lie when she goes too far with the tale. When they hear knocking, Bo strips off her jacket and goes to answer the door while telling Kenzi that it’s hard to be in a relationship when she can’t be completely honest.

Bo opens the door to reveal Lauren, who asks, “You rang?” Bo smiles in return and thanks her for coming since the case was a doozy. Bo’s smile disappears, however, when she notices that Nadia has tagged along. Lauren tells Bo that she brought the medical textbooks that she wanted. When Nadia interrupts to ask where the bathroom is, things take a turn for the awkward when Bo and Lauren answer simultaneously. Lauren’s familiarity with Bo’s house doesn’t escape Nadia.

As Nadia heads upstairs to the bathroom, Lauren and Bo settle themselves on the couch. Lauren apologizes for having to bring Nadia, justifying that it’s understandable that Nadia hasn’t wanted to leave her side considering everything that has happened. When Bo brushes off her apology, Lauren proceeds to share her findings on the Cherufe.

Upstairs, Nadia is snooping around Bo’s bedroom, first looking at her sword, then studying her own reflection in the mirror. When Nadia opens Bo’s weapons chest to examine its contents, Bo, who has now come upstairs, catches Nadia snooping and asks if she found anything good. Nadia looks guilty at being caught and remarks that Bo has quite the weapons collection, to which Bo replies that everyone has their hobbies. Nadia remarks, “As if you aren’t intimidating enough already.” When Bo doesn’t reply, Nadia apologizes and explains that she just wanted to check out the competition. As Bo closes up the weapons chest, she tells Nadia that she is not her competition and that she really has nothing to worry about. Nadia asks cautiously, “So you won’t tell Lauren?” Bo replies with a fake laugh, “It’s not like I’ve never peeked inside someone else’s medical cabinet, right?” Nadia forces a smile, thanks her and heads back downstairs. Bo is clearly unsettled by Nadia’s behaviour and looks back at her suspiciously.

At night, Nadia is in Lauren’s kitchen, appearing a bit dazed and disoriented. The camera pans down to reveal a sharp kitchen knife in her knife. Nadia then proceeds to slice her palm. As blood gushes from her hand, she brings it up to her mouth and licks her own blood in a trance-like state. Lauren comes out of the room and asks what happened, understandably alarmed. Nadia explains that she cut herself by accident. Lauren bandages her hand and wants to know what she was doing with the knife, but Nadia claims that she doesn’t remember about the knife and says she’s scared. When a very concerned Lauren comforts and hugs Nadia, a chilling smile spreads across Nadia’s face.