2.16 – “School’s Out”

Written By: Jay Firestone & Harris Goldberg
Directed By: James Dunnison
Original Airdate: February 12, 2012

When Bo answers the knock at her front door, she is pleasantly surprised to see Lauren, who has returned from her road trip. Lauren has a huge smile on her face and returns Bo’s greeting with a hug. Just as Bo relaxes into it, she notices Nadia and greets her in a slightly disappointed tone. When Lauren and Bo finally disengage from their long hug, Bo invites the two of them in as she tries to mask her annoyance at Nadia’s presence. Lauren remarks that Bo’s car really is a gas guzzler and returns the keys to her. Bo then politely asks about their trip. Before Lauren can answer, though, Nadia jumps in. She wraps her arms around Lauren and gushes about how beautiful everything was, making a point about their room while devoting her attention completely to Lauren and ignoring Bo. As expected, both Lauren and Bo become very uncomfortable, and Lauren attempts to steer the conversation back to the scenery on the trip. Lauren then inquires how Bo has been, and Bo stresses that things have been busy.

The awkward conversation is interrupted by Dyson, who strolls in with a file. He needs Bo to go undercover at a high school to investigate the case of a human who had a neurological breakdown. Lauren, who has been listening in on their discussion, offers to help. Dyson asks Lauren to check the girl’s medical file. Lauren replies that as soon as she drops Nadia off, she is all theirs.

Some time later, everyone meets up at the Dal to discuss the latest on the case. Lauren informs them that the tests indicate that the students definitely have been infected with something Fae. In addition, Lauren found out from the Ash that the students at the school are Akvans, who are dumb Fae.

Later at the school, as Bo comes out of a classroom, Lauren hollers from the end of the hallway, “Miss, anything I could do for extra credit?”  Bo, without missing a beat, suggests, “Lobster dinner? Back rub?” Lauren looks slightly stunned and appears to seriously consider those options in her head. She snaps out of it when Bo tells her that she was just kidding and re-directs their attention to the case. Lauren explains that whatever is infecting the kids contains traces of embryonic tissue. When Bo thanks her and starts to walk away, Lauren calls after her, apologizing for the other day when Nadia was unusually public with her display of affection. When Bo brushes it off graciously, Lauren adds that she has been having a hard time hiding so much from Nadia. She wants to tell Nadia the truth but is at a loss of how to explain any of this to her. By now, Bo is irritated and slightly snaps, “Our lives are complicated, Lauren.” Just then, Kenzi approaches and informs them that another cheerleader has collapsed. Lauren decides to go through everyone’s medical files just in case.

When Lauren returns home, Nadia, who has been sitting on the stairs, gets up and asks where she has been. Lauren replies that she had to drop something off for Bo and starts working on her laptop. When Nadia questions why Lauren is working with Bo, Lauren explains that she is a co-worker. As Lauren continues to work away on her laptop, Nadia attempts to seduce her, kissing her neck and suggesting that they do something fun such as making love in the lab. Lauren momentarily loses her concentration as she enjoys Nadia’s ministrations, but eventually insists that she should finish her work. When Nadia remains persistent, Lauren suggests that Nadia take some pictures since she hasn’t picked up her camera in ages. Nadia complies and grabs her camera, only to start taking pictures of Lauren. As Lauren remains focused on her computer screen, Nadia asks Lauren to give her something provocative. When Lauren brushes off her request, Nadia caresses Lauren’s hair and tells her that she is beautiful. She pulls Lauren away from the computer and asks her to humour her. Lauren gives in and pulls up her hair and starts posing for Nadia as she snaps away. Nadia continues her seduction by unbuttoning Lauren’s shirt, and Lauren goes along and poses for Nadia with her shirt open. Nadia is satisfied and puts her camera on the table. She looks at Lauren lovingly and murmurs, “That’s the old Lauren I remember.” As they move towards each other for a kiss, Lauren withdraws at the last moment, telling Nadia that she really should go back to work and proceeds to button her shirt back up. Nadia looks both hurt and disappointed as she turns away from Lauren, while Lauren looks guilt-ridden.

After Kenzi has been infected with the virus and turns into a math geek, Bo takes the science-rambling Kenzi to Lauren’s apartment. Lauren quickly sedates Kenzi and explains to Bo that she is starting to understand a bit more about the way the virus behaves. While Bo and Lauren discuss near the kitchen, Kenzi comes to and eyes the molecular diagram that Lauren has been working on. She mutters that it is incorrect and erases Lauren’s work from her iPad, to Bo and Lauren’s horror. Kenzi then points out Lauren’s error, which a surprised Lauren agrees with. Lauren suggests that maybe the Akvans at the school were given something, probably orally, to make them smarter. Bo leaves for the school and tells Lauren to take care of Kenzi. Eventually, the case is solved and Bo informs everyone that Lauren successfully developed an antidote to treat everyone infected.

That evening, as Bo dances with Ryan in the school gym, Lauren tells Nadia that their lovemaking session was amazing. They kiss and Lauren, clad only in a see-through shirt and panties, gets up from the couch and invites Nadia to join her in the shower. Nadia tells her that she’ll be there in a minute. After Lauren goes upstairs, Nadia takes out an envelope containing several close-up photos of Lauren’s necklace and proceeds to leaf through them.