2.14 – “Midnight Lamp”

Written by: Jeremy Boxen
Directed by: David Winning
Original Airdate: January 22, 2012

Lachlan shows up unannounced at the clubhouse to ask for Bo’s help. He needs Bo to capture an “Afreet”, a being that possesses a great deal of wisdom, which will aide them in defeating the Garuda. When Lachlan informs her that the Afreet will only cooperate if they are enslaved, Bo appears a little put off and says, “Look, I am not into the whole enslaving thing. I thought you would’ve noticed given the whole Lauren situation.” Lachlan explains that Lauren has a very important role to play in the coming battle and that he has placed a tremendous amount of faith in her ability to deliver. He adds that if they defeat the Garuda, he and Bo “could revisit the whole Lauren situation.” Bo insists, “Oh, you know we will.”

After the ordeal with Sadie, Ryan asks Bo out on a date. Bo hesitates and tells him that she has “just come through some complicated emotional stuff”, and that she would have to pass. However, after being charmed by Ryan, she eventually gives in.