2.13 – “Barometz. Trick. Pressure”

Written By: Steve Cochrane
Directed By: Paolo Barzman
Original Airdate: December 18, 2011

In the opening scene, Lauren is at Bo’s place picking up the keys for Bo’s car, which she has generously offered to Lauren for her trip with Nadia. Bo rattles off the quirks of her vehicle; it’s not the most gas efficient but will get them hit on by men with cheese grater hats. The car also tends to smell like gas at over 60 clicks, and adorably suggests that they might want to make frequent stops to avoid brain damage.

As the idea of using Bo’s car seems increasing dubious in Lauren’s mind, she tries to hand back the keys to Bo, suggesting that perhaps they should take the bus. Bo graciously insists and gently pushes the keys back at Lauren, her hand covering Lauren’s. Lauren visibly reacts to Bo’s touch, staring at their hands and swallowing, unable to meet Bo’s eyes. Bo tells Lauren sincerely to be careful on the road just as Nadia walks in to ask Lauren if she’s all set. Lauren answers, “Okay. One sec, sweetie.” a little dismissively. Bo tells Lauren to let her know if they need anything – anything at all. Instead, Lauren informs Bo in a serious tone that she is not going to call her while she’s gone, and she doesn’t want Bo to call her, either. Bo looks disappointed and wonders why it feels like she is never going to see Lauren again. Lauren assures that she will, and jokes that she has her car. But more importantly, because she has re-committed herself to the Ash. He saved Nadia’s life and she owes him everything. Bo is seething internally at this but does not say anything. Lauren thanks her again for the car and leaves with Nadia, and Bo storms back into her living room.

Bo sneaks into the Ash’s compound to confront him about the betrayal. After engaging in a long sword fight, at the end of which the Ash dares Bo to kill him but she ultimately declines, he finally reveals to Bo that he had been using Lauren to test Bo all along to see whether Bo would let her anger rule her emotions and making her vengeful. Since Bo passed the test, the Ash is now sure that Bo is the one to lead them into war against the Garuda.