2.12 – “Masks”

Written By: Grant Rosenberg
Directed By: Lee Rose
Original Airdate: December 11, 2011

At the compound, Lauren is brought in front of the Ash after being imprisoned in the dungeon. Lauren, who looks extremely haggard and angry, asks him bitterly, “What’s next on the agenda? Torture?” The Ash simply says that he was hoping she would return to work. Lauren scoffs that after he locked her up for four days, she is supposed to be so grateful to be let out that she just goes back to work as though nothing had happened. Lauren has had enough of him and threatens to pack her things and try her luck with The Morrigan, who seems to know more about Nadia’s situation. The Ash in turn immediately threatens Lauren that punishment will be swift and severe. The Ash then changes tactics and says that they have gotten off on the wrong foot. He reveals to Lauren that from reading the journals of the previous Ash, he discovered who ordered the curse on Nadia – it was the old Ash himself. Lauren, both shocked and enraged, wants to know why. Lachlan figures that the old Ash saw Lauren as someone who could provide a cure for the Fae who got sick, so he pulled Lauren into the fold and kept her there. Lauren is devastated that she wasted the last five years working hard for the Ash when it was it was all a lie. Lachlan advises that Lauren will have to put that behind her now, but she is defiant; she would rather burn the place down than continue working. However, the Ash informs her that he believes that he has located the shaman who put the Nadia in a coma in a village in the Congo. Lauren is suddenly hopeful and wants to go speak to the shaman. The Ash replies that it is not that simple as the shaman is Dark Fae. He soothingly assures Lauren that he will do everything in his power to help her, and tells her to go back to work. At this, Lauren turns around and leaves.

Kenzi is discussing the details of Bo’s surprise birthday party with Trick and Hale at the Dal when Bo shows up. Everyone feigns ignorance when Bo asks about their weekend plans. At their nonchalance, Bo decides to call up Lauren since she hasn’t talked to her in a while and wants to see if Lauren can get “shore leave for a night”. At that moment, Bo’s phone rings. She recognizes the number, thinks that it’s Lauren, and answers enthusiastically. To her disappointment, it is actually Lachlan, who wants to meet with Bo.

When Bo arrives at the compound, the Ash informs her that he has located the Dark Fae shaman who cursed Nadia and suggests that Bo, since she is unaligned, meet with him to persuade him to remove Nadia’s nail. The Ash continues that in order for it to work, Bo cannot ever tell Lauren that she did this, because the nail can only be removed if the person making the request has got “complete and utter selfless love” and the person that they are doing it for can never be aware for it. Bo says that she does not want credit – only the results. She asks to see Lauren before she goes, but the Ash refuses and makes the excuse that she is in the middle of something important and cannot be disturbed.

Bo goes to the Fae travel agent as directed by the Ash, which allows her to travel to the Congo almost instantaneously. She finds the Dark Fae shaman that the Ash spoke of and asks to remove Nadia’s nail. The shaman wants something in exchange, however, and asks Bo to retrieve a mask for him. Bo returns to discuss with Trick, who suggests bringing Dyson for the trip to Madagascar for the mask. In Madagascar, Bo, along with Dyson’s help, successfully retrieves the mask, putting her life in danger in the process.

While Bo is traveling the world in her quest to help Nadia, Lauren, now back in her lab coat, is visiting Nadia to talk to her. Lauren tells her that she was held prisoner by the Ash for the past few days, but she is hopeful that Nadia may be able to wake up one day soon, and she’ll be able to hold her again.

When Bo returns to the Congo and presents the mask to the shaman, the shaman honours their agreement and presents Bo with a hammer to pull Nadia’s nail out. As Bo slowly tugs on the nail, Lauren, who happens to still be in Nadia’s room, notices her stats on the monitor improving drastically. Without a clue as to what is happening, Lauren stands in front of Nadia’s pod, and stares as the tubes connected to the pod pop off automatically and the glass dome dissipates into thin air. Nadia comes to and notices Lauren. Nadia then slowly sits up and calls out to her, while Lauren is rendered utterly speechless by everything that has just unfolded before her eyes.

Bo comes back from the Congo and returns to the Ash. She wants to know if she was successful in removing the curse. The Ash tells her that she will find out when she visits Nadia’s room, and adds with a smirk that this time, Bo won’t have to arrive in a bodybag. Bo thanks the Ash for making everything possible and the Ash tells her to keep that in mind in the days to come.

As Bo steps into Nadia’s room, she sees Lauren kissing and hugging the newly awakened Nadia. They are so engrossed in each other that they do not notice Bo’s arrival. Even though Bo was aware of the implications of saving Nadia, she is completely unprepared for the sight of Lauren and Nadia together. Bo stares, frozen with shock and disappointment before opting to slip out of the room in quiet heartbreak.

When a weary Bo walks through the entrance way of her darkened house, the lights suddenly go up and great fanfare ensues. The entire gang is there for her surprise birthday party. Bo is happy to see everyone, and after she receives a replacement knife from Dyson, Lauren shows up with Nadia in tow. Lauren greets Bo with a cheerful, “Hey, you! Happy Birthday!” Bo tenses when she sees the two of them together, while the attention of the entire place turns to the new arrivals. Dyson introduces himself to Nadia, then Hale and Trick and the others crowding around them follow suit. Bo, both upset and overwhelmed, abruptly excuses herself and moves to the couch.

Lauren goes after Bo and sits down beside her. Bo feigns enthusiasm, says chirpily that Nadia is here and ready to party. Lauren replies that it’s incredible; Nadia wakes up five years later and it feels like they were just in Africa yesterday. She adds that if Bo had never gotten the cursing nail from The Morrigan, they would never have known the problem. Bo tries her best to put on a brave face, smiling and nodding but avoiding Lauren’s eyes. Lauren presents Bo with her birthday gift. Bo opens it to reveal another weapon, a steel death star. Bo jokingly asks if it’s a blade for her Cuisinart. Lauren is worried what Bo gets mixed up with and wants to keep her safe. Bo tells Lauren that she doesn’t have to worry about her. She glances in Nadia’s direction and remarks that Lauren has other things to occupy her mind now. Lauren says that she should get back (to Nadia), and Bo thanks her again.