2.11 – “Can’t See the Fae-Rest”

Written by: Shelley Scarrow
Directed by: Gail Harvey
Original Airdate: December 4, 2011

Lauren is led into the Ash’s chamber. He asks if she knows what the creature is that he is holding in a cube in his hand. “A peri,” she replies. The Ash goes on to describe the endangered Fae, to which Lauren replies, slightly annoyed, “I know what a Peri is, Ash. I did an autopsy on one a few weeks ago.”  He brandishes a piece of paper at her, commenting, “What, this?“ Lauren is immediately defensive, stating that he asked for a quick turn-around.  The Ash requests a full autopsy that he wants her to do now. Her reply is that she is “having a hard time…personally”, and starts to become agitated and talks about having new evidence about what happened to Nadia. The Ash is unperturbed and just restates his wish for the Peri autopsy to be done. Lauren accepts this, although she is visibly stressed and looks to be holding back tears.

Lauren is back with the Ash, having presented him with her autopsy report on the Peri.  Lauren is looking very agitated and upset.  She has a theory on what may have killed the Peri, but first requests the Ash’s help.  She removes the nail from her pocket and hands it to him.  The Ash immediately recognizes it as an African Cursing Nail.  Lauren has reason to believe that it is related to Nadia’s state and “ [she] has to get her out of that coma”. Lauren starts to plead that she has done everything that has ever been asked of her, and that she has earned the right to ask one thing in return.  The Ash replies that he wasn’t the Ash then, if indeed she was cursed. He can’t help her. Lauren refuses to take that as the final answer and continues to ask for higher security clearance and access to more information, as the old Ash kept journals religiously. When the Ash bluntly gives her another “No”, Lauren snaps and throws the folder she was carrying to the floor, exclaiming, “I cannot go on like this.”  He just replies that she can and will, and to return once she has composed herself.  This is the final straw for Lauren and she rips her necklace from her neck and throws it back at the Ash “because nothing is worth this life. [She] will take Nadia and [they] will leave.”  The Ash remains calm and summons his guards to the hall. Lauren begs, but is taken from the Ash’s presence by two of his men.

Bo is with the Ash down in the Light Fae dungeons.  Bo thanks the Ash for his help, and he states he’ll do anything to protect his people.  As Bo leaves, the Ash opens the viewing panel on another cell door and we see that Lauren has been locked up and we’re left with the sound of her pleading to Lachlan.