2.10 – “Raging Fae”

Written By: Jeremy Boxen
Directed By: David Greene
Original Airdate: November 27, 2011

Bo and Kenzi are walking through a container yard when Bo’s phone rings.  As she looks at the caller display, her mood brightens and she answers flirtatiously, “Well hello, Doctor.” Her tone changes to serious and Bo runs off to her car to go to Lauren’s aid.

Bo pulls up at a derelict-looking warehouse where Lauren is waiting with a mystery patient. They kneel by the beaten up ogre and discuss what happened to him. Lauren is trying to treat him, but he refuses to go back to the Light Fae compound as he doesn’t want the Ash to find out about the unsanctioned fights.  She threatens that if he doesn’t tell them everything she’ll have to write a report for the Ash, so he starts to tell the full story. Bo questions him, asking about the Fae who arranges the fights, and if he is a Dark Fae. They find that the man that beat up the ogre was a human. Bo states, “No way, I’m shutting it down pronto.” Lauren looks up at her admiringly and replies, “I thought you might,” and requests Bo’s help in fixing the ogre’s dislocated shoulder.  Bo kneels next to Lauren as the ogre worries about what will happen to him if the Ash finds out he fought a human.  Bo placates him, while Lauren looks upset and worried.

After Bo is beaten up in the fight ring, Dyson takes her back to his apartment where Lauren is waiting.  Bo has been badly hurt and is bleeding from multiple injuries to her face.  Bo is refusing to take any of Dyson’s chi to heal, insisting that she will be fine.  He offers to find someone to help her heal, but she just wants to sit. Lauren then asks why she hasn’t healed yet and Bo replies testily, “Because I’m not in the mood.” As Lauren sits on the bed and tries to explain that her biology demands it, Bo replies, “Oh, screw my biology. I’m tired of my life being dictated by something that I didn’t choose. I’m done being Fae.” Lauren looks concerned as Dyson brings over a wet cloth to help wipe the blood from Bo’s face. As he approaches Bo, Lauren quietly says to him, “I…I got this.” Dyson acquiesces and reminds her that he has to return her to the compound in an hour. Lauren watches Dyson leave, and turns to Bo with a concerned look on her face.  As she shuffles toward Bo on the bed, Bo apologises, still wearing an angry look on her face. Lauren moves closer to dab at Bo’s wounds with a cotton pad. Bo asks how she snuck away this time as she winces at Lauren’s touch.  Lauren continues to assess Bo’s wounds and answers, “Dyson borrowed me for an investigation…I don’t think that’s going to need stitches.” Lauren, her eyes softening with concern, tells Bo that she heard about the encounter she had with her past. Bo reacts defensively, “Oh great, does everyone know now?” but Lauren assures her that only those that care about her know.  Bo looks at Lauren, with pain etched across her face both from her injuries and being haunted by her nature, starts to open up: “It is not just my past, it’s my present.  For a long time I’d forgotten what I am to humans…a monster,” she adds with disgust.

Lauren is quick to reassure Bo, gently shaking her head and telling her, “Bo, You’re not a monster. I know that. And whatever happened back then, it wasn’t your fault.”

Bo becomes increasingly upset and starts to cry, telling Lauren, “I killed a boy. And then what? I ran away. I ran away. I didn’t take responsibility for what I did and his poor family… I never gave them closure.”

Lauren emphatically disagrees and looks Bo straight in the eye, “You’re a different person than you were then, and the person you are now, I absolutely love.”  She gazes intently at Bo, who finally looks up at her, not quite believing what Lauren has just said. Lauren freezes for a moment as her own words sink in, before shaking her head and closing her eyes. She quickly says that she didn’t mean it but stops abruptly, her thoughts in complete disarray before ultimately looking skywards, bemused at her own confession.  Sighing, and speaking more to herself than Bo, she whispers, “I don’t know what I mean.”

“Forget it,” Bo slightly snaps, as she sighs, “I know you’re all mixed up over Nadia.” Lauren replies that she doesn’t even know what she’s feeling these days. Bo pauses and shrugs, “How is that going?” Lauren nods and looks intently at Bo, thanking her for the nail and tells her she’s looking into it. Lauren begins, “The thought of waking Nadia up is….” but is unable to continue as she shakes her head tearfully and glances around, trying to find the words and ends up swallowing her sobs. She then shifts her focus back to Bo, smiling and brimming with tears, “But Bo, the thought of losing you…” and reaches over to cup Bo’s cheek. Lauren caresses Bo’s cheek as Bo returns her gaze.  “Hurts,” Bo says, as Lauren nods her head in agreement.

Bo brings Lauren back to reality, commenting as a matter-of-factly, “No, I mean the spot you’re on, it hurts. It really hurts….tender,”  Lauren quickly withdraws her hand and moves it to Bo’s knee. Lauren looks back at Bo for a brief moment as joy and relief flits across her face, from Bo finally being aware her feelings towards her. Lauren beckons Bo to “come here” and sniffs, returning to taking care of Bo’s fight wounds. Bo quietly submits herself to Lauren’s attention, and relaxes into her touch.

Dyson and Bo are at the Dal, discussing the case.  She thinks that when they do, it might lead to toppling the Ash, “Then Lauren might have a real chance at freedom.”  Dyson comments that it sounds like the plan of someone who’s going to be sticking around.  Bo petulantly replies that it sounds like he’s body swapped with Trick and if they could please just stick to talking about Ferraro.