2.09 – “Original Skin”

Written By: Emily Andras
Directed By: Paul Fox
Original Airdate: November 20, 2011

Convinced that being with Dyson or Lauren is not in her future, Bo has resorted to reading self-help books, specifically one titled “Life, Not Love: Learning to Like Yourself Alone”. Kenzi finds her in this sorry state and insists on going out for a night of fun and presents Bo with a biker chick get-up, complete with a fringe and fake tattoo.

When Bo and Kenzi get to the Dal, they are disappointed to find it empty, save Dyson and Hale at the bar. Trick’s Bingo Night appears to be a dud. In walks Lauren, who raises her eyebrows at Bo’s new look. Bo cannot believe Lauren showed up at the Dal, whereas Lauren blurts that she cannot believe how good Bo looks. At Bo’s stares at her blankly, Lauren quickly apologizes for her mind and her words not working together. They make a crack at Bingo Night, and Lauren explains that she managed to get out for a couple of hours by telling Lachlan she is out on “official business”. Bo broaches the subject of their recent kiss, noting, “Your mouth says one thing but your lips say another – or kiss another, as the case may be”. Lauren says “Sorry”, and Bo replies that it’s okay, just that it was weird for Lauren to kiss her in front of Nadia. In fact, Lauren was not apologizing for the kiss; she actually wants to excuse herself to talk to Trick and does so.

Lauren approaches Trick and slams a few books down on the counter, telling him that none of the books has what she is looking for, and fails to see the humour when he suggests Wikipedia. Lauren is desperate for information on Dark Fae shamans in order to figure out who cursed Nadia. When Trick tells her to tread lightly around witch doctors, Lauren rants that she is sick and tired of treading lightly for five years only to end up serving someone like Lachlan. Trick calms her down, and Lauren admits that she has not been sleeping much. With all the recent fighting, Trick thought it would be a good idea to organize Bingo Night, which was not as fun as he expected it would be. Lauren’s only response was, “Two words, Trick. Mechanical Bull”, which gives us a glimpse of what could be Lauren’s personality prior to becoming enslaved.

Everyone except Trick consumed the spiked beer and their souls have been swapped, leaving Lauren in limbo and the insane Dark Fae, Raynard, taking over her body. Raynard, in a human body, manages to escape the containment shield put up by the bounty hunter and goes missing. When the group tries to determine his whereabouts, Bo figures out that Lauren’s deepest, darkest, subconscious desire would be to kill the Ash. Indeed, Raynard has infiltrated Lauren’s lab in the compound. He, pretending to be Lauren, requests an audience with the Ash, and prepares a syringe.

When Dyson (in Kenzi’s body) arrives at the compound, Raynard has already taken the Ash hostage and is threatening to inject him. He wants to start a conflict between the Light and the Dark, eventually leading to chaos. Dyson knows of a contraption on the floor and taps at it to produce an electrical bolt in the stain glass windows that zaps Raynard, who collapses.

After the ordeal is over and everyone is back in their respective bodies, Hale is very concerned about Lauren’s well-being and gently leads her by the arm. An amused Lauren assures Hale that she’s tired, not elderly. Bo asks Lauren how limbo was, and Lauren responds that she saw her Aunt Edna and got her cheesecake recipe. Lauren in turn asks where Hale was (who was in Ciara’s body that was succubused), but Hale wasn’t sure – just that he feels well rested. Hale then accompanies Lauren back to the compound.