2.08 – “Death Didn’t Become Him”

Written By: Steve Cochrane
Directed By: Steve DiMarco
Original Airdate: November 13, 2011

The episode opens with a bodybag on a gurney being rolled towards Lauren. She thanks the assistant and quickly unzips the bag to reveal Bo’s face. Bo complains that the bag smells like feet and pops out of it. Lauren tells her that they have to hurry since the guards will be back soon. Bo, however, is having second thoughts about meeting Nadia; even though she promised that she would be mature about this entire situation, she doesn’t think it is that necessary anymore. Lauren responds to Bo’s spiel with another of her own: “Look, if somebody that I slept with and care about told me that they had a girlfriend in a coma, trapped inside a top secret facility run by a society of uber-humanoids called “The Fae”, I’d think it was a blow-off. <after a beat> I really need you to meet her.” Bo gives in and is led to Nadia’s pod, which happens to be only several feet beside them.

Bo approaches the pod and is struck by how pretty Nadia is, and jokes awkwardly that if she’s so pretty like this, she can’t imagine what she must look like when she’s up and walking around. When Lauren reminisces that Nadia has the most beautiful smile, Bo’s face falls. Lauren says that ever since they got a lead, all she has been thinking about is finding a cure for Nadia, at which point Bo fishes the nail out of her pocket and puts it in a plastic bag held up by Lauren. Bo confirms that The Morrigan never revealed details to her on how the nail could save Nadia and wouldn’t even if she knew, just to torture Bo. Bo then graciously thanks Lauren for allowing her to see Nadia and promises that they will figure this out.

Bo is helping Trick’s friend retrieve his dead ballerina husband from The Lich, who has captured his soul (along with many others) for his artistic enjoyment. The Lich has invited Bo (and “plus-one”) to attend his new acquisitions performance. Bo decides to bring Lauren as her date since The Lich has vast knowledge and may be able to help them with the nail.

Lauren was snuck out of the compound with Dyson’s help and now in Trick’s lair at the Dal. She is dressed up and ready for a date. She casually approaches Bo, who is sharpening her weapons, and asks what’s really going on, since she knows that Bo did not break her out just for fresh air. As Lauren applies her lipstick, Bo tells her that in addition to acting as her backup, she thinks that Lauren should talk to The Lich about the nail as he has been everywhere and learned everything. Lauren suddenly turns serious and looks at Bo with an unreadable expression. Bo notices a smudge at the corner of Lauren’s lips and tenderly wipes it off with her fingers, saying softly, “There…all pretty.” As Bo withdraws her hand, Lauren suddenly grabs it to still its movement. Lauren says in a heartfelt tone, “You know, things have really been bleak for me these past few years. And I don’t know what I would do without… your friendship”.  Bo smiles at Lauren in return and looks down, slightly embarrassed. Lauren asks if Bo is okay with helping her with Nadia. Rather than answering, Bo looks down, turns to pick up a piece of tissue paper, and presents it to Lauren, directing her to “blot”. Lauren does as she’s told. As she presses her lips against the tissue, Lauren’s eyes never leave Bo’s, and realization dawns on her that perhaps Bo may not be completely okay with it.

Bo and Lauren arrive at The Lich’s place to watch a performance by various artists, including Christoff, the dancer whose soul Bo is trying to retrieve. While watching the performance, at Lauren’s signal, Bo attempts to succubus The Lich so that Lauren could question him. When Lauren brings up that she was once in the Congo and treated patients in a Fae tribe that was dying from an epidemic, The Lich realizes Lauren is the human doctor belonging to the Light Fae. When Lauren continues about Nadia’s coma and asks him about the nail, The Lich becomes evasive and does not respond. When Bo presses, he insists that he is watching the performance.

While still viewing the performance, Bo asks The Lich if she could just have Christoff back. The Lich, of course, refuses. Bo then jumps up and stabs The Lich’s portrait, which she believes contains his soul. The Lich writhes in pain in an exaggerated manner and collapses onto the floor, but only for a moment since he was feigning. When Bo and Lauren figure out between them that The Lich’s chi is actually stored in his entourage, they turn to find themselves held at gunpoint. Bo drops her knife and the two put their arms up in surrender.

Bo and Lauren are chained by their necks and put on stage. The Lich melodramatically announces to his entourage that they will witness a Succubus feed, causing Bo and Lauren to look at each other in shock. As the entourage chants “Feed! Feed!”, Bo turns to Lauren and says dryly, “I know I said we should spend more time together, but this is not what I had in mind”. When The Lich directs Bo to feed off Lauren, Bo defiantly rejects his idea. Lauren suggests that Bo should feed off her a little bit to give him what he wants. That will not be good enough for The Lich, however, because the one thing that has eluded him is “true, unbridled passion”. He wants to see it in action and insists that Bo suck all the life out of Lauren. Bo adamantly refuses because she has killed enough people in the past and would rather die than live like that again. The Lich then directs the cowgirl in his entourage to shoot Bo, who collapses in pain from being shot in the stomach. Lauren rushes to her side to try to stem the bleeding. The Lich threatens that if Bo doesn’t feed, he will kill her and then bring Bo back so he could experience her. Lauren cannot stop the bleeding and pleads with Bo to feed off of her. Bo figures out that The Lich cannot experience her because her chi is her life force, and if she dies, it dies with her.

The Lich then tries a different tactic and demands that Lauren be put on the table since Bo’s petulance has made him hungry. The Lich says to the injured Bo, who is still writhing on her hands and knees, that “surely, your lover’s death will be better by your hand than by my blade”. Bo looks up and briefly meets the eyes of Lauren, who is being held on the table and holding back tears. The Lich dramatically pulls his knife and puts it against Lauren’s throat. A frantic and helpless Bo looks at Lauren and cries, “No.. No..”. Lauren gives Bo one last look before closing her eyes, ready to die in a dignified manner. At that moment, Bo bends over momentarily. When she looks up again, her eyes are shining blue and she gets up from the ground, no longer in pain. Energy flows through Bo as she raises her arms. She licks her lips and proceeds to suck the chi out of every single person in The Lich’s entourage. The entourage collapses, as does The Lich. Lauren, who is not being targeted, is in complete shock as she witnesses what is happening and appears utterly in awe of Bo. After swallowing the chi, Bo (speaking in different voice) proclaims, “I could be more powerful than all of the Fae. Everyone would kneel at my feet. There would be no more dark and no more light. There would be only ME.” Bo, now completely spent, collapses onto the floor.

Lauren gets to Bo’s side as she comes to. Bo has no idea what had happened, and Lauren tells her that she sucked the chi out of everyone, all at once. Bo suddenly remembers Christoff and rushes to breathe chi back into him, along with the others. The Lich, barely alive, reaches for a piece of meat when Bo steps on his arm. When Bo forces him to tell them about the nail, The Lich says that it is an African shaman’s cursing nail. Nadia is not sick, but cursed. Once they find the piece of wood with Nadia’s nail and removes it, she will likely wake up. Bo and Lauren are shocked by this revelation, and Bo kicks away the piece of human flesh that The Lich desperately needs to stay alive.

After the ordeal with the The Lich, Bo once again visits Lauren at the compound via a bodybag. When she emerges from it, she gripes that Lauren really needs to find a better way to get her in there. Lauren is too angry to hear, though. She cannot believe that she spent years looking for a disease that it turns out Nadia doesn’t even have, wondering why anybody would want to curse her. Bo, being a sweet and selfless soul, tries to comfort her: “Maybe think of this as a blessing. We’re one step closer to getting Nadia back to you. That’s good, right?” Lauren appears lost in her own world for a moment before whipping around to look at Bo intensely, then steps forward to kiss her fiercely. Bo is initially taken aback, but quickly reciprocates. After a series of hard and passionate kisses, Lauren pulls back. Their eyes remained locked as they step back from each other. Bo looks both surprised and dazed from Lauren’s unexpected action, while Lauren looks incredibly conflicted.