2.07 – “Fae Gone Wild”

Written by: Alexandra Zarowny
Directed by: Lynne Stopkewich
Original Airdate: November 6, 2011

The episode opens with Bo and Kenzi on the couch mulling over the mysterious box she received from The Morrigan.  Bo has yet to open it, as it could be “rigged to release DNA unscrambling toxins”, or as Kenzi points out, it might send Lauren back into the arms of her secret girlfriend.  “Same diff,” says Bo, and that it’s not her box to open.  Kenzi offers to throw it out, but Bo would never be that selfish.

Lauren is at the Police station with Dyson, providing him with information about the Hand of Glory and detailing how it is made. He then asks if Lauren has spoken to anyone else about the case. When Lauren replies “Like who?”, Dyson gives a pointed look, possibly indicating she should talk to Bo, before he thanks her and heads for the door.  As he leaves, Lauren pleadingly asks if she can hang around for a while – she just needs some personal time before the guard dog escorts her back.  He kindly allows her to take as much time as she needs.

Lauren immediately picks up the phone and dials Bo.  Bo is at Trick’s, reading through texts on the Hand of Glory.  Bo is obviously very happy to hear from Lauren and smiles as she mentions, “I’ve been thinking about you.”  Lauren tells her that Dyson asked if she’d been talking to anyone about the case, and thinks he meant Bo.  Lauren tells her about the Hand of Glory, but Bo and Trick have already figured that out.  Bo asks Lauren if that was all, and then looks hopeful as Lauren says, “It’s a little bit awkward, but have you had any luck getting the so called solution to my predicament.” Bo replies shortly that she has only ended up with a lot of questions and curtly asks Lauren if there was something else she wanted to tell her.  Lauren is evasive, saying no and asking if Bo was okay.  Bo says “I’m fine”, but looks visibly upset.  Lauren is a little confused and concerned when she hears the dial tone as Bo hangs up.

Lauren is at the Dal talking with Trick.  Trick mentions that he’s noticed an increase in hostility between the Light and the Dark. He asks if Lauren knows anything that may have triggered the unprovoked incidents.  Lauren is unaware of anything that would have caused the blind rage he is describing.  She’ll do some research, as she’s happy to be out in the real world away from the lab, petri dishes, and infectious diseases. Bo walks in, adding, “And blocked phone numbers.” Lauren looks pensive and replies, “Something like that.” Bo wants to talk, so Trick bribes Lauren’s guard away with the offer of a drink.

Lauren looks a little bemused and uncomfortable as Bo sits down, saying she owes Lauren an apology.  Lauren says she doesn’t, but Bo explains that she was angry with her and that it was unfair but it was only in reaction to Lauren being unfair as well. When Lauren is surprised at this and replies “Me?” Bo brings out The Morrigan’s box and places it on the table between them. “…It’s the key to saving Nadia – your girlfriend,” Bo says.  Lauren is at once somewhat relieved that Bo knows and at a loss for words, merely replying with “Oh.”  Lauren adds that it has been killing her not telling Bo, but she wasn’t sure how to tell someone that she cares about, that she has a girlfriend who is in a coma. Bo asks how long and Lauren tells her five years, and that it’s because of her.  Bo looks upset for Lauren’s sake, her eyes brimming with tears, and wants Lauren to tell her more. Lauren starts to tell the story of how it happened.  She was in the Congo on a research grant, accompanied by Nadia, who was there to take pictures of refuges.  Lauren had promised an adventure, but five months in an illness swept through the neighboring villages and Lauren went to help.  All the affected were Fae, until Nadia became ill.  The old Ash was there and offered every resource he had to help find a cure, but in exchange “for [her] complete servitude,” completes Bo, as Lauren became increasingly emotional while telling the story, with tears welling up in her eyes.

Bo looks at the box sitting between them. “Well, this could be the cure for Nadia, it would change everything,” she says to Lauren meaningfully, who looks equally emotional and apprehensive.  Lauren asks with a little surprise, “You haven’t opened it?” and Bo replies that she thought that they should do it together.  Bo opens the box to find a rusty old nail inside.  She picks it up to look at it more closely, wondering “what the hell is that supposed to be.” Lauren takes it from her, but she is also mystified by the nail.