2.06 – “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away”

Written By: Steve Cochrane
Directed By: Gail Harvey
Original Airdate: October 30, 2011

At the clubhouse, Lauren is sharing her awkward prom story over a dinner of pizza, salad, and wine. Lauren goes into some cringe-worthy detail about the colour of her prom dress, her 3-feet high hair, and being cast aside by her date. Her tale is not particularly funny, yet Bo is completely engrossed. Meanwhile, Kenzi’s expressions of distaste are being ignored. Bo teases that she can’t blame Lauren’s date for ditching her because her hair did sound pretty brutal. An offended Lauren picks up a piece of crust and playfully flings it at Bo, which just happens to land on top of Bo’s chest. Feeling ever like the third wheel and probably nauseated, Kenzi finally excuses herself and flees, leaving the two platonic lovebirds alone.

Some time later, Bo and Lauren are watching television on the couch. Lauren lifts her legs onto the couch and folds them to her side. She accidentally brushes Bo’s thigh with her shoes in the process and apologizes. Bo graciously invites Lauren to stretch out her legs on top of her thighs. Lauren considers for a moment before she breaks into a big smile and accepts Bo’s offer.  As Lauren stretches her lower legs across Bo’s thigh, Bo rests her arms on top of Lauren’s legs, calling it “couch yoga”. Lauren is just starting to really enjoy this physical intimacy with Bo when Kenzi bursts into the living room, asking to talk to Bo in the kitchen. Lauren immediately recoils from Bo, looking embarrassed and guilty. Bo is a little annoyed by Kenzi’s interruption but walks over to her as told. When Kenzi confronts her about Lauren, Bo insists that it is purely platonic. In fact, Kenzi couldn’t care less about that at the moment; she is more concerned about harbouring a fugitive from the Ash. Bo confesses that she has not figured out a plan as yet. Kenzi tells Bo that even though she likes having Lauren around, she needs to fix the situation that they are in.

They resume watching television, although this time Kenzi is gleefully slotted in between Bo and Lauren like a chaperone. Lauren looks resigned with bitter amusement while Bo chomps on a carrot in frustration. There is a knock at the front door. Bo answers it to reveal The Morrigan’s assistant.

As Bo and Kenzi walk along the street to track down Jason the Graffiti Artist for The Morrigan, Bo, feeling frustrated that they still haven’t found Jason, just wants to go home and “be platonic with Lauren”, adds Kenzi. Bo admits that it is hard having Lauren there and not taking advantage of the situation.

Later, Kenzi has returned home while Bo is still out. She approaches Lauren, who is sitting on the couch and working on her laptop. Kenzi then parks herself on the coffee table opposite of her. Devoid of her usual humour, Kenzi begins by telling Lauren to “cut the crap”. She knows that Lauren did Bo a favour against her mom, but she also “spy-banged her for the Ash and broke her heart.” Kenzi adds that Bo really likes Lauren, and threatens to kill Lauren if she hurts her best friend again. Lauren, her expression hardened, allows Kenzi to finish her speech without a word. When Kenzi gets up, Lauren finally responds. She gets Kenzi’s “whole best friend routine”, but tells her that if she is trying to be the only human in Bo’s life, then she is being selfish and not much of a friend at all. When Kenzi glares at her, a knock is heard at the door and Lauren runs to hide.

Kenzi opens the door and is confronted by two goons, before the Ash emerges behind them. The Ash barges into the house and asks for Lauren. Kenzi feigns ignorance and is choked in the air by one of the goons. Lauren comes out of hiding and tells them to let Kenzi go. When the Ash stalks towards Lauren, she tells him that he is overstepping his boundaries by attacking Bo’s human, and that he should put Kenzi down or what’s left of the Light Fae Elders will hear about it. The Ash replies that it’s only due to the little respect he has for Bo that he hasn’t dragged Lauren out of the house by her hair. He gives her 24 hours to return to the compound or he will pull the plug on her special research project. When Lauren agrees to go back, the Ash and his men leave the house. Lauren feels extremely guilty and apologizes to Kenzi for bringing this into their home. Kenzi asks if Lauren is really going back.

When Kenzi fills Bo in on what happened, Bo tells The Morrigan that she is pulling out of the case since it has become too messy and she has too much to deal with. The Morrigan entices to Bo keep helping her by offering her the key to fixing Lauren’s situation with the Ash for good. Bo, naturally, could not refuse the offer.

Bo returns to the apartment to find Lauren sipping on a glass of wine and Kenzi passed out on the couch from drinking too much. Bo pulls up a stool, anxious to tell Lauren about The Morrgan’s offer. Before Bo could go on, though, Lauren jumps in that she has decided to return to the Ash’s compound; she doesn’t want Bo and Kenzi to take this heat for her. Bo, looking hopeful, suggests that Lauren might not have to go back for long. She explains that if she finds Jason, The Morrigan will tell her how to free Lauren from the thing that is tying her to the Ash. Upon hearing this, Lauren suddenly appears nervous and uncertain. She asks if The Morrigan said anything specific to Bo. Bo replies that The Morrigan provided no further details but did give her her blood oath. When Bo notices Lauren’s lack of enthusiasm, Lauren just stammers and looks uncomfortable. She asks Bo, “So we have no guarantees about how any of this is going to turn out?” Bo takes Lauren’s hand and replies with determination that she is not going to let anything happen to her. Lauren says in return, “I know that you’ll try. But tomorrow I’ll be gone. Maybe forever.” The stark realization hits Bo, who looks devastated by the thought. Lauren caresses Bo’s cheek as they draw closer. Just before their lips meet, Lauren pulls back and asks, “I need to know that this isn’t about you getting over Dyson.” Bo shakes her head with certainty, caresses the back of Lauren’s head and replies with a soft smile, “No. This is about us.” Bo pulls Lauren towards her and they kiss.

They move upstairs to the bedroom and continue to kiss as they head for the bed. Lauren unbuttons her shirt and tosses it aside while Bo pulls her own t-shirt over her head. After another kiss, Bo shoves at Lauren’s shoulder to push her back onto the bed then pulls Lauren back towards her by her thighs. Lauren’s jeans come off and her tank top is pushed down. Bo climbs onto the bed and on top of Lauren before Lauren slides Bo’s top down. They collapse onto the bed and make love frantically, with the sense of urgency of a last night together.

The next morning, Bo comes awake and props herself up on her elbow to take in a peacefully slumbering Lauren beside her. She gently brushes Lauren’s hair from her face and bends down to give her a tender kiss on the cheek. Bo then go downstairs to wake Kenzi up, who suffers from a hangover. Bo thanks Kenzi for covering for Lauren the previous day.

As a groggy Kenzi enters the bathroom, she encounters Lauren, dressed in Bo’s robe with a toothbrush in hand. Lauren breaks the awkward silence with, “Toothpaste?”, pointing to the toothbrush. Kenzi points and replies, “Foot locker.” Lauren gives her a tight smile in response and thanks her. Kenzi shuffles backwards and flaps about dramatically, wishing that she could un-see what she just saw.

When Bo completes the assignment for The Morrigan, she honours their agreement and gives Bo a box that contains the key to saving “Nadia”. Bo is confused because the deal is to save Lauren. The Morrigan explains that in order to save Lauren, she has to first save Nadia. Bo has no idea who Nadia is, and has to be told by The Morrigan that Nadia is Lauren’s girlfriend. Bo is stunned by the revelation, which brings a smirk to The Morrigan’s face.

Back home, Bo calls out to Lauren, but is told by Kenzi that Lauren is gone. Some time later, Bo is in her room, deep in thought over at the box. Kenzi drops by and comments that it’s weird to not have the doc there when she was just getting used to her. She sees Bo’s gloomy expression and asks after her. When Bo replies that “it’s Lauren stuff”, Kenzi teases that Bo got her pregnant. Bo is too upset to find it funny, and explains to Kenzi about Lauren’s girlfriend, who hits the roof. Bo is at a loss of what to do; aside from saving Lauren, she is not sure whether she should confront her or be mad, if she even has a right to be. Kenzi calmly tells Bo that she should give Lauren a chance to explain and that she may have her reasons.

A pair of feet approach a pod with a figure lying inside. It is Lauren, who is now back at the compound and visiting her comatose girlfriend. She greets Nadia with a fakely cheerful “Hey, babe!” and proceeds to have a one-sided conversation with her. Lauren tells Nadia that she has been working really hard to help her. She brings up Bo and says that if Nadia could meet Bo, she’d really like her. Lauren continues, “She’s such a good person. She’s so trustworthy. She has this big, huge heart. And she’s strong. She’s so strong. <sobs a little bit> And she takes care of me. Imagine that <chuckles> – somebody taking care of me for a change.” An emotional Lauren then crouches down and puts her head against the dome of the pod, near Nadia’s.