2.05 – “BrotherFae of the Wolves”

Written By: Alexandra Zarowny
Directed By: Clark Johnson
Original Airdate: October 2, 2011

Bo and Kenzi are talking to Trick at the Dal when Bo’s phone rings. It’s Lauren, who is in some trouble and at Bo’s place. Bo tells her to stay put and she and Kenzi take off for home.

At the clubhouse, a stressed Lauren explains that the Ash has ordered that starting the following day, all humans are to be locked in their living quarters outside of work hours. When she found out, she panicked and escaped to Bo’s. She apologizes for her hasty decision but didn’t know where else to go. Bo tells her not to be sorry and that they’ll fix this. Lauren explains that the previous Ash was more lenient than most. Bo runs over to where she stores her weapons and starts arming herself; she wants to confront the Ash right away. Lauren stops her, reasoning that Lachlan doesn’t know where she is, and if he finds out, there is no telling what he will do to them. Bo doesn’t care about that; she wants Lauren to stay there for as long as she needs. Lauren is uncomfortable with the idea because she’ll be putting both Bo and Kenzi in danger, not to mention further complicate things between herself and Bo. Bo considers it for a moment but insists that Lauren think of her place as a safe haven. Meanwhile, Kenzi is less than pleased that they will be harbouring a fugitive.

Some time later, Dyson and his wolf pack buddy show up at Bo’s door. Dyson stops short when he notices Lauren, sensing that they are interrupting something. Lauren stands up and graciously offers that she is the one in the way instead. An awkward moment ensues when Dyson’s wolf buddy plops down on the sofa and casually asks how they all know each other. It turns out that Dyson and the other wolf are there to seek Bo’s help with The Mongolian Death Worm. Lauren chimes in her expertise from research she has come across.

After getting hurt from dealing with the Dark Fae arms dealer, Bo picks Dyson’s wolf buddy to heal with. They make a wild go at it upstairs, making everyone else in the house (Dyson, Kenzi, and Lauren) uncomfortable. Afterwards, a satisfied Bo saunters downstairs in her robe, announcing how “amazing” it was. She breezes by Dyson and Kenzi, who give her the cut eye, and heads for the cupcakes that are freshly baked and closely guarded by Lauren. When Bo tries to grab one, Lauren sticks out her hand to stop her and warns that the muffins haven’t cooled yet, while unable to look directly at her. Bo notices Lauren’s morose expression and asks with concern, “You’re not.. mad, are you?” Lauren sighs and shakes her head, muttering, “It’s all right, Bo. You had to heal. It’s who you are.” Just then, the wolf man swaggers over, puts his arms around Bo, and dives into one of the cupcakes before Lauren could stop him. He compliments Lauren on the cupcakes, which leads her into a scientific tangent on what makes them fluffy. Bo senses that Lauren misses her lab. Lauren is having second thoughts about running away and is considering going back and apologizing to the Ash and hopefully getting a lenient punishment. Bo doesn’t think that is possible with this Ash; besides, if Lauren ran back now, it will just give him more power over her. In the meantime, Kenzi is excited that her hacking buddy got her into a system, and Bo and Lauren join the others at the computer.

After the successful mission and Bo has handed The Worm to the Ash, he asks after Lauren. Bo feigns ignorance and says that she hasn’t spoken to her in days. The Ash replies sarcastically, “Of course you haven’t.”

At night, Kenzi is having an orgasmic experience with Lauren’s cookies, and Lauren offers to make more. Bo tosses some bed linens onto the couch, where Kenzi is lying. Kenzi not so subtly communicates to Bo that she doesn’t want Lauren to mess up the couch. Bo informs them that she herself will be taking the couch and Lauren her bed. Lauren, who has changed into her sleepwear, immediately declines Bo’s bed, that she “couldn’t put [Bo] out”. After Kenzi bids them goodnight and disappears, Lauren reiterates that she will take the couch. Bo reminds her gently, “You’ve just been through a lot with the Ash. And I know you took an oath to look after people medically and all, but… you need to let someone else take care of you for once.” Lauren is touched by Bo’s words and smiles in return. Bo then tells Lauren good night. Lauren looks at Bo for a moment before replying, “Right. Good night,” her gaze briefly flicking to Bo’s lips. With their eyes still locked, Lauren slowly moves towards Bo. Bo eyes Lauren expectantly as she moves ever closer, and is completely surprised when Lauren brushes past her while making sure that her chest is excruciating close to Bo’s arm. As Lauren opts for the couch and bends down to prepare the sheets, Bo cannot believe what has just happened. Lauren quickly glances back up with a knowing grin. Bo chuckles in disbelief and touches Lauren’s back as she walks away and once again bids Lauren goodnight. Lauren straightens and stares at Bo’s retreating form.