2.03 – “Scream a Little Dream”

Written By: Jeremy Boxen
Directed By: George Mihalka
Original Airdate: September 18, 2011

While working to distance herself from Dyson, Bo calls Lauren to ask for her help with a case. Kenzi thinks it’s a brilliant idea as “the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else”. She makes herself scarce as she knows that Bo and Lauren have a lot to work out.

Bo and Lauren are investigating at the apartment building where the residents appear to have lost their minds. Lauren has Bo looking into every vent for critters, and is amused that Bo is terrified of cockroaches. Lauren is examining a patient but cannot figure out the cause without running a lot of tests back at the lab. Bo thanks Lauren for helping, to which Lauren replies, “Always”. Bo also wants to know when they are going to celebrate over the new Ash taking over, since she presumes that he doesn’t have a hold on Lauren anymore and asks if Lauren is free. Lauren appears a little less enthusiastic and tells Bo that all things Fae are complicated and promises her that she will tell her everything, when they are no longer waiting to respond to psychosis. Bo goes back to looking for more critters.

Bo comes home to Kenzi at the end of the day and describes to Kenzi her hard day of work, calling science “exhausting”. Kenzi wants to know how the “bow-chicka-wow-wow” went, but Bo maintains that it is strictly professional, but in the same breath adds how “yummy” Lauren is when she is being professional.

When Bo is plagued by nightmares, she goes to Lauren for help. At Lauren’s place, which appears to be a modern and stylish loft, Lauren runs tests on Bo’s brain while she sleeps. Bo jolts awake from another nightmare and tells Lauren that she could feel The Mare’s hunger. Lauren is in awe of Bo’s abilities and tells her, “It could be that you are even more powerful and unique than anyone has ever given you credit for”. Bo reacts to Lauren’s compliment with an “Aw shucks, Doctor” and nudges Lauren’s thigh, causing Lauren to react bashfully. Bo suddenly nearly falls asleep again and Lauren offers to find her something to help her keep awake.

Lauren sorts through her medical cabinet, looking for pills from the glands of a giant Venezuelan wart- (she stops short). Bo eyes Lauren with interest and follows up on Lauren’s earlier promise to give her the full story. Lauren stops what she is doing and joins Bo on the couch, explaining, “I want to tell you, Bo, I do. I’ve wanted to ever since… ever since…” At that precise moment, the Ash and his bodyguards burst through the front door. Bo and Lauren jump to their feet as the Ash saunters in. Bo is angered by the Ash’s attitude, while the Ash is unimpressed with her “casual approach to Faedom”. The Ash clarifies that he is actually “a stickler for protocol”. Upon hearing this, Lauren obediently drops to one knee. An appalled Bo grabs Lauren’s arms and tells her to get up. The Ash announces that of all the old Ash’s chattel has been passed onto him, including everything from the lab and Lauren, and tells his men to take Lauren away. As one of the men lays hand on Lauren, Bo immediately grabs his arm and twists it until a crunch is heard and verbally threatens him. The Ash calmly tells Bo not to be petulant, and that if she wants access to his property, she has to make a formal request. At this, Bo draws her knife and threatens him, insisting that “Lauren is no one’s property”. Lauren intervenes and gently puts her hand on Bo’s outstretched arm, telling that she will only make things worse. She pleads with Bo to stay out of it. Bo reluctantly puts her knife away and Lauren is escorted out of her own apartment, turning back to remind Bo to stay awake.

At the Dal, Bo is desperately trying to stay awake, muttering that she could really use Lauren’s pills. Bo is upset that Lachlan referred to Lauren as “chattel”, and threatens that if he touches Lauren… Trick assures Bo that he hears that Lauren is being treated with respect inside The Ash’s compound.

Later, Bo is at the compound, putting on a humble act, asking if she could talk to Lauren, only to be told by the Ash that Lauren is busy. Bo just wants five minutes with Lauren, but the Ash will only grant her request if it is in the interest of the Light Fae. When Bo tells him about her case, she learns that she has been duped by the Fae that she is trying to help.

When Bo has another nightmare, she sees a vision of herself at an advanced age. The tearful older version of herself says that after Kenzi died, and after Dyson, after Lauren, she never found love again.