2.02 – “I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)”

Written by: Michelle Lovretta
Directed by: Steve DiMarco
Original Airdate: September 11, 2011

At The Dal, Bo finds out that the process of finding a new Ash has begun. She calls Lauren, who is hard at work in her lab, to inform her of the new development. Lauren is stunned by the news and at a loss for words. Bo offers to find out more information for her. A very concerned Lauren asks her to please do. After hanging up, Lauren, with furrowed brow, looks deep in thought as she wraps her fist around The Ash’s pendant hanging from her neck.

During the Stag Hunt, the Stag is hit by Lachlan’s arrow and presumed to be dead. After Lachlan leaves, Lauren comes out of hiding with her medical bag and proceeds to revive the Stag, whose name is Sabine. As Lauren takes the arrow out, she observes that it is just soft tissue damage thanks to Hamish, her long lost lover of over 80 years. Lauren stabs Sabine’s heart with a needle and successfully revives her. Sabine looks around and sees Hamish, who rushes to embrace her as everyone watches. Sabine expresses her gratitude to Bo and company. Bo turns to say to Lauren, “I guess science kicks the crap out of tradition, huh?” Lauren just looks at Bo with a forlorn expression.