2.01 – “Something Wicked This Fae Comes”

Written by: Michelle Lovretta
Directed by: Rob Lieberman
Original Airdate: September 4, 2011

In the season opener, Bo, Hale, and Kenzi are out hunting winged flying Fae creatures at night. Bo suffers some injuries from the encounter and Hale asks if he should call Lauren. Kenzi takes charge and finds Bo a random guy to heal with.

At the Dal, Lauren is examining Trick’s hand and is amazed by the lack of scars from his wounds. She reminds Trick not to do any heavy lifting, but he replies that that’s all he’s been doing these days. When Bo, Hale, and Kenzi return from their hunt, Lauren immediately starts checking on Bo’s injuries because Hale told her that Bo was scratched. Lauren notices residual bruising and becomes concerned that Bo has not fully healed. Bo replies that she didn’t want to kill the guy. Lauren remains concerned, and Bo reassures her that she is fine. “Besides,” Bo adds, “Physician, heal thyself – when’s the last time you even slept?” Lauren, looking weary, explains that she doesn’t trust anybody with the comatose Ash, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for siestas. When Bo asks what she is doing there, Lauren responds earnestly, “I heard you needed me. I came.” Bo nods in response and smiles faintly, taking in Lauren’s answer. Lauren’s phone rings and she moves away to take the call.

The group discusses that the longer the Ash remains out of commission, bigger and more organized bad elements are going to start testing the Light Fae. When Lauren gets off her call, she notifies them that there has been a body dumped on the side of a highway. The body, which was flayed, has been transported to her lab. Bo loses rock-paper-scissors to Hale and is tasked with going to the crime scene, and brings Lauren along since it could get “science-y”.

At the crime scene, Bo and Lauren crouch in front of the body imprint while Kenzi stands back at a safer distance. Lauren dives right into the gory details matter-of-factly – something about fluids and lymph matter and whatnot. Lauren swabs the bloody mess and sniffs it, and is terribly excited at what she believes is digestive secretions and exclaims, “Neat!” They discuss the possibility of something having swallowed the person, spit the corpse back out, and digested the skin. Lauren will return to the lab to run more tests.

The gang meets up at the Dal some time later. Lauren did a forensic work-up and determined that both killer and victim are definitely Fae. Bo wants to check out the circus Fae they came across and invites Dyson along, grabbing his hand. Lauren notices and blinks at that. Dyson gives Bo the brush-off and instead wants Hale to accompany him. Lauren excuses herself to head back to the lab.

Later, Dyson and Hale are at the lab, while Lauren looks at the skin under the microscope. She discovers a tattoo resembling a map on the inside of his skin. The tattoo seems to have been done pre-mortem. The whole gang later meets at the Dal again to exchange ideas and to piece together the evidence.

Lauren strides into Bo’s place with a book and folder in her arms. Without bothering to sit down, she anxiously tells Bo that she examined the piece of skin that Dyson found and got an ID. Bo shoves a plate of food in front of Lauren, ordering her to “sit, eat, defer [her] imminent coma.” Lauren maintains that she is fine and just a little bit tired. As soon as she takes a bite, Lauren moans and throws her head back in satisfaction, muttering, “Why are carbs so damn tasty?” She answers her own question by spouting the scientific explanation of what carb does for the body and the brain, until Bo finally cuts her off. Lauren acknowledges that she should do “more eating, less geeking” before turning her attention back to her food. Bo goes through the information Lauren brought and they discuss the victim, a Helpful Road Fae. Lauren was not able to find out more about the map tattoo as the sample was too degraded but shows Bo a symbol she found on the Fae’s hand. Lauren further finds a link between the victim and two other men and brought books so they could look more into it. The clearly exhausted Lauren adds that maybe she could just close her eyes for just a second, and ends up promptly falling asleep on the couch while Bo looks at her with amusement. As Bo flips through the book, Lauren mumbles “isotopes” in her sleep, which draws an affection look from Bo. When Kenzi returns home, she looks from the wine bottle to the still slumbering Lauren to Bo, and Bo quickly tells Kenzi to relax because Lauren is just sleeping. They discuss their latest findings while the worn out Lauren sleeps through their conversation.

Later on, Dyson, Bo, and Lauren are in the lab as Lauren examines the latest victim who acts as a living sheath.