1.13 – “Blood Lines”

Written By: Michelle Lovretta
Directed By: Rob Lieberman
Original Airdate: December 12, 2010

Bo and Kenzi show up at the lab to find a very busy Lauren, who has to write a report on a Light Elder who was killed the previous night. Bo is anxious to obtain information on how to protect herself against another Succubus. She wants to know how Succubi fight one another. Lauren admits that Bo is the only Succubus that she has studied up close and offers to ask The Ash. Bo wants to keep this from the Ash, and Lauren tells her that she’ll see what she can find out, on the condition that she and Bo finally have the talk afterwards and that Bo gives her a chance to explain herself. Lauren adds that she’s missed Bo. Bo thinks about it for a moment and agrees to the deal, which satisfies Lauren.

After Saskia/Aife’s suicide bomber created havoc at the Light Fae Elders’ meeting, Bo and Kenzi show up at Lauren’s lab to find them dealing with an emergency situation. Lauren informs them about the attack and that the Ash is on life support. Everyone is being evacuated until they figure out what is going on. Bo reveals that she knows what is happening, and Lauren guesses that it is about the other Succubus and thinks that it’s a declaration of war from the Dark, which calls for a retaliation from the Light side. Bo shocks Lauren when she confesses that the other Succubus is her mother. Bo tells Lauren she needs a chance to stop her mother or bring her in before they bring the entire Light Fae army down on her. Lauren is uncertain because of the great risks involved. When Bo brings it up, Lauren is reminded of an amulet in the Ash trophy room that will counteract Succubi powers. She hands Bo a key and a map to obtain the amulet and tells Bo to hurry. Bo thanks Lauren for taking this great risk for her and tells Lauren that she owes her that last talk if she gets through this. Lauren then swoops in to kiss Bo hard on the lips, which Bo reciprocates, and cups her face with both hands. Lauren, voice thick with emotion, asks Bo to “please just come back safe”. Bo replies with a heartfelt “thank you” and gives her one last look before heading out.