1.11 – “Faetal Justice”

Written By: Peter Mohan
Directed By: Rob Lieberman
Original Airdate: November 28, 2010

Bo is helping Dyson clear his name in the murder of a Fae who is close to Vex. While Bo discusses with Hale at the police station, Hale receives a call. When he tells Bo that Lauren is dropping by with the autopsy results, Bo becomes annoyed. In walks Lauren, who is both surprised and a little pleased to see Bo. They act awkwardly toward each other, and Lauren remarks that she didn’t expect Bo to be there. Bo retorts that she didn’t think to warn Lauren. Lauren softens and says that she didn’t mean what she said, and Bo relents as well. Hale, who was observing the exchange, asks if there is something going on that he should know about. Both Bo and Lauren answer “no” a little quickly, which makes Hale even more suspicious.

While Bo glares at her, Lauren proceeds to show them her findings, which is that the teeth marks on the victim are consistent with a canine bite, and suggests that Dyson should turn himself in to get an impression made. Bo objects to the idea, and Lauren insists that she is only trying to help even though she and Dyson have not been on the best of terms. Bo feels strongly that turning Dyson over the Dark will not help. Lauren then says that they are still waiting for more analysis and presents her with the best case scenarios. Bo shoots her down and says that’s way too many “hopefully’s”. Lauren sighs and turns to leave, saying that she’ll keep working on it and walks away.