1.10 – “The Mourning After”

Written by: Michelle Lovretta
Directed by: Paul Fox
Original Airdate: November 21, 2010

Bo seeks assistance from Dyson regarding the case of a woman whose death has been ruled a suicide. Dyson’s hands are tied, however, as it would arouse suspicions of humans if he starts digging around this case. The most he can do is forward the evidence to Fae labs, which means that Bo will have to talk to Lauren. Bo exhales in frustration and tries to get Kenzi to go with her, but even Kenzi wouldn’t go anywhere near lesbian drama.

Bo reluctantly heads to Fae labs to find a subdued Lauren. Lauren meekly asks how Bo has been and tries to follow up on her phone messages that Bo never returned. Clearly not prepared to have that conversation with Lauren, Bo is curt with her and steers the conversation back to the case. Lauren discusses the analysis results, which point to the victim having written the graffiti herself. When Bo asks about Fae involvement, Lauren says that it’s possible, and confirms that the cause of death was myocardial fibrillation from electrocution. Bo comments that “death by hairdryer is a lousy way to go”. While filling out some paperwork, Lauren adds the victim had sex about an hour prior to her death, which appears consensual. That gets Bo’s attention, and she snidely remarks that she is “not sure that she trusts [Lauren's] judgment on sexual matters”. When Lauren turns around and asks, “Pardon?”, Bo replies, “Let’s say hypothetically, one party thought the connection was real, and then found out that the other party was only manipulating them into bed to impress their controlling asshat of a boss”. Lauren sincerely asks Bo if she did not think that they were headed that way on their own anyway. Bo retorts that Lauren ruined any chance of them ever finding out, and thinks that “it’s really shitty”. Bo shoves the folder back at Lauren and turns to leave. Lauren calls after her and says she doesn’t know how many different ways to tell her that she is sorry and wants to explain further, but Bo brushes her off, telling her that Kenzi’s waiting for her.

When Bo approaches Kenzi at the bar, she is clearly still steaming over Lauren. She says nothing aside from “Two words: Lauren, kiss my ass.” before downing a shot and adding that there are a lot of hyphens in that last word.

Later, Dyson, Bo, and Lauren are in the lab discussing the Dark Fae who was killed by Saskia/Aife. Dyson tries to comfort Bo, reasoning that he obviously pursued her, and that even the Dark would agree that she had a right to defend herself in her own home. Lauren chimes in that they should make that clear to The Morrigan. Dyson intends to and tells Bo that he’ll make it go away. Bo, still frowning from worry, glances in Lauren’s direction and hugs Dyson. That clearly affects Lauren, who casts her eyes downwards in hurt. Bo replies to Dyson that she wishes he could, before suddenly disengaging from the hug and shoving him away, again glancing in the general direction of Lauren, looking conflicted. Dyson appears a little confused as Bo walks away.