1.08 – “Vexed”

Written By: Michelle Lovretta
Directed By: John Fawcett
Original Airdate: November 7, 2010

Bo and Kenzi are inside an abandoned warehouse to meet with a contact when Bo complains about Dyson being “such a girl” because he’s not happy about being used for sex. Even though Bo assures Kenzi that Dyson is getting something out of their sessions, Kenzi tells Bo that she can’t have Dyson and chase after Dr. Hotpants anymore – it’s time to pick a team. Consistent with her perspective on the opposing Fae clans, Bo says that teams are stupid.

Later, Bo is back at the lab for a check-up, and eyes Lauren with a somewhat predatory glint. As Lauren examines her, Bo trails her fingers down Lauren’s chest to pick up her Ash pendant and tells her that she likes the necklace. Lauren takes the pendant back from her, thanks her with a smouldering gaze, and without another word, tucks the pendant under her top. Bo then tries to make casual conversation and asks if she misses working on normal people. Lauren says that humans are kind of pedestrian now. Bo chuckles flirtatiously and responds, “Once you go Fae, you never go back, huh?”, which amuses Lauren.

While on the topic of humans, Lauren takes the opportunity to ask Bo if she has had any success sexually with them. Bo admits that she is still “a little scared to try the whole meal-deal, but that there is no rush, right?”, looking straight at Lauren as she says so. Lauren agrees a little too quickly, and tells Bo that she should take her time. Bo continues, “Because I was thinking that taking things slow on that front would be good… for everyone… if they were going with that”, again looking at Lauren meaningfully. Lauren gets the message loud and clear; however, she plays Devil’s Advocate and reminds Bo that a Succubus needs a healthy sex life in order to be stable and will need sex to heal when wounded. Bo reveals that she has that covered, or did, anyway. Lauren, a little taken back, asks with whom. Bo says that she trusts Dyson and that she won’t drain him to death because he’s Fae, so “everybody wins”. Lauren, now awash with jealousy, manages choke out, “Well, it’s good to know. <after a beat> As your doctor, I would be more comfortable with you choosing someone slightly less well traveled. But it’s your choice.” Bo looks both smug and a little triumphant at Lauren’s reaction.

On their way to see a lead in prison, Bo shares with Kenzi that Lauren is acting jealous. Kenzi sounds exasperated and thinks the three of them should just get a room already.

While interviewing the Dark Fae who is on death row, Bo finds out that she fell in love with a human, which is against Fae law. The woman remarks dryly that it must be pretty crazy, but Bo, looking a little pensive, replies that, “It’s not that crazy”.

Later, Lauren manages to arrange an audience with the Ash for Bo. Lauren asks Bo to try to be respectful and brief and to avoid mentioning that she is helping Bo with her treatment. Bo does not share Lauren’s trepidation, though, and sarcastically asks if she should curtsy as well.

As the Ash descends the steps, he inquires whether Bo has been re-thinking her allegiance. Instead, Bo brings up the Fae that she has been fighting for, who is about to be executed under human law for a crime she didn’t commit. The Ash is aware of the situation, but is adamant about not interfering with Dark Fae matters lest it should start a war. Bo is appalled that the Ash would rather let her die when it would be so easy for him to help her. When the Ash tells Bo that she toys with elements that she doesn’t understand, Bo shoots back, “So do you”, which causes Lauren to tense with fear. Bo does not get what the answer she seeks and shows herself out. After being dismissed by the Ash, Lauren runs after Bo and confronts her about her behaviour towards the Ash. Bo cannot believe that Lauren can work for someone like him, since he’s as bad as the Dark Fae. Lauren tells Bo that she has no idea what she is dealing with and that this is dangerous because she will be unable to help her if she got into trouble with the Dark. Bo is defiant and says she is not asking for Lauren’s help and to tell the Ash that he’s not the only connection she has.

Later, at Trick’s lair, Bo comes across a pendant identical to the one Lauren has around her neck and asks Trick about it. Trick explains that it’s the Ash’s mark. Bo is shocked to learn that Lauren doesn’t work for the Ash; she is owned by him.

Back at the Ash’s compound, the Ash reveals to Lauren that he is aware of her helping Lauren. When Lauren stammers, he adds that he assumes that she has been getting close to her for the good of the Light Fae, which Lauren quickly agrees. The Ash tells Lauren the person Bo is looking for is called Vex, who is popular among the Dark Fae. If Bo kills Vex, the Dark Side will kill Bo, which the Ash doesn’t want until he finds out more about Bo. Lauren is relieved and offers to help. The Ash will negotiate with The Morrigan to have Vex sent away and wants her to keep Bo occupied while he arranges that. Lauren is unsure how to do that as she has already reasoned with Bo. The Ash slyly suggests that Lauren must be able to think of something to distract a Succubus. The Ash walks away, leaving Lauren to ponder the implications.

In the evening, Lauren visits Bo’s home, offering to keep her company since the woman that Bo has been fighting for dropped her appeal. Bo pours them wine and they discuss why this case means so much to Bo. Bo just wants to have the choice to live a normal life. If that woman chose that and was punished for it and Bo just lets it go, Bo worries about the chances of her ever living a normal life, and who would want to live it with her. Lauren just stares at Bo as she takes in her words. Bo is determined to find out who framed the woman, and as she gets up from the couch, Lauren asks her to wait and grabs her wrist, halting her movement. After Bo sits back down, Lauren slowly moves forward and kisses her. Bo kisses Lauren back for a moment before stopping Lauren’s hand, and asks her what she is doing. Lauren searches Bo’s face and replies, “I don’t know yet. Just let me.” Bo considers it briefly before resuming their kissing. As Lauren unbuttons her own shirt, Bo suddenly stops again, prompting Lauren to ask what’s wrong. Bo looks intensely into Lauren’s eyes and tells her that she doesn’t want to hurt her. Lauren earnestly replies that she trusts Bo, which is what Bo needed to hear.

In the following scene, Bo and Lauren have moved upstairs to the bedroom and are now under the covers, making love tenderly. In a poignant moment, Bo grabs hold of Lauren’s pendant, looks deep into her eyes, and tells her that nobody owns her before ripping the necklace off of Lauren and tossing it aside.

Afterwards, Lauren awakes to find Bo lacing up her boots. Bo apologizes for waking her and tells her to go back to sleep. Panic sets in, and Lauren wants to know why Bo is leaving. Bo turns back to give Lauren a quick kiss and says that she can’t let the situation go and has to take care of something. Lauren tries to get Bo to stay, which instead amuses Bo as she is surprised by Lauren’s clinginess. Lauren now appears defeated, which prompts Bo to inquire after her. Lauren comes clean and tells Bo to let it go – for her – and that her revenge could start a war. She proceeds to fumble her explanation, telling Bo that she is doing what she can politically and just needs a few more hours. Bo questions if Lauren is there with her as a diversion. Lauren explains that “they” have the best interest at heart. This only serves to incense Bo, whose tears are now threatening to spill over. After Bo forces Lauren to admit that she was sent there, the hurt and betrayal on Bo’s face is raw and absolutely heart-wrenching. Lauren says that it’s not what Bo thinks, but Bo shoots back, “You have no idea what I think, and less about what I feel, or you could not have done this to me.” Lauren, who has now gotten off the bed and wrapped in Bo’s sheet, becomes tearful and tells Bo, “I..I’m sorry. God dammit, Bo, I’m trying to protect you! I haven’t done anything wrong!” Bo stalks over and replies with a menacing expression, “You are in my bed because he told you to be. Everything about that is wrong.” As Bo turns to leave, Lauren pleads with her that it’s suicide, as Vex is too strong for her. It angers Bo even more that Lauren has been keeping the name from her. Bo wants to know where he is but Lauren just shakes her head and asks where Bo is going. Bo wants answers and is done with playing nice. She picks up Lauren’s necklace from the floor, tells her with a sneer not to forget her dog collar, and flings it at her feet. Lauren is slightly hysterical as she watches Bo storm out.

Shortly after, a frantic Lauren runs to Dyson, who is playing pool at the Dal, for help. She tells Dyson that she has made a huge mistake; Bo is now going after a Mesmer named Vex who is too strong for her. After Lauren tells her the location, Dyson heads out to find Bo before it is too late.