1.07 – “ArachnoFaebia”

Written by: Emily Andras
Directed by: John Fawcett
Original Airdate: October 31, 2010

Bo and Dyson are sitting on the couch at the Dal, discussing a string of cases involving murder-suicide when Lauren shows up for her meeting with Bo. When Lauren notices Dyson sitting there, she asks Bo if she’s late or early. When Bo mentions to Dyson that she and Lauren had plans, Dyson becomes grumpy and asks whether it’s “doctor-patient” stuff. Lauren replies that they are just being social. Lauren is uncomfortable with Dyson’s presence and asks if he was leaving. Dyson clearly does not want to play nice and declines to leave. Bo invites Lauren to take a seat on the couch and asks Dyson to “scooch over”, but Dyson doesn’t comply with that, either. Bo starts rambling nervously about the “threesome” situation, only to be met with silence from the other two. Lauren then brings up Dyson’s belated physical exam, but Dyson has no desire to be “poked and prodded” and claims that he hasn’t had a sick day since before Lauren was born. They continue taking verbal shots at each other, and Bo tries to defuse the tension by getting everyone to do some shots. However, the ugliness continues and Dyson eventually gets the better of Lauren when he says that Lauren can only talk when the Ash lets her. Lauren, thoroughly upset by now, takes leave. Bo gets annoyed at Dyson and downs the shot left behind by Lauren.

The following day, Bo is at the lab for a check-up after she was unknowingly bitten by the spider. Lauren says that Bo is fine physically, but Bo cannot say the same for her emotional state. They start discussing the injections that Lauren has been giving her, and Lauren says that she is always tinkering with it. Bo then admits to being insensitive the previous night at the bar. Lauren wants to know what is going on between Bo and Dyson just as Kenzi walks in and interrupts them. Kenzi has a terrible headache, and when Lauren examines her, Bo hallucinates Lauren and Kenzi making out. Lauren thinks that Kenzi might be fighting off the flu. When Lauren also suggests that their sickness could be due to something in their environment, Bo and Kenzi start sniping at each other (a reaction to the spider bites) and both storm out of the lab.

Later, Lauren examines the web retrieved by Dyson, and determines that only a Fae could create a web so strong. As they wait for further analysis, Lauren insists on getting Dyson’s long overdue physical completed. As Lauren examines him, they bicker about his going to therapy. Lauren remarks that Bo told her that he has been tired, and that Bo talks to her because they are close. Dyson smugly tells Lauren that he’s tired but it is Bo’s fault, and that she should just ask Bo if they are so close. This leaves Lauren seething silently and she lets Dyson go.

As Bo and Kenzi battle the spider in their house, Lauren calls Dyson to inform him that she has identified the Fae as Djieiene. When Lauren explains that this Underfae injects patients with a venom that causes hallucinations and paranoia, anxiety, feelings of persecution, and finally homicidal rage, Dyson realizes that Bo has been infected. Lauren pushes the alarm and informs Security of the situation.

At the Dal, Dyson is upset at Lauren that she called the Ash’s hit squad, despite Trick defending Lauren’s actions. Dyson bought them two more hours until the squad burns Bo’s place down, with Bo and Kenzi trapped inside with the spider. Upon further study, Trick figures out that the creature buries its heart elsewhere, rendering the spider itself invincible. Dyson and Lauren successfully track down the owner of the spider. They soon figure out that the spider’s heart is buried in the man’s chest. Lauren requests makeshift surgical tools and cuts the man’s chest open to dig out the spider’s heart. Just as the hit squad is about to set Bo’s house aflame, Lauren stabs the heart and kills the spider.

Back at the lab, Lauren examines Hale, Bo, and Kenzi after the ordeal. Bo is grateful to Lauren for saving their lives and invites Lauren for drinks. After Bo returns to sit with Kenzi, Dyson approaches Lauren and voices his distrust of her, calling her inconsistent. Lauren looks him in the eye and retorts that it’s not his trust that she’s interested in and asks if it’s really her loyalties that he’s worried about or that this time she is Bo’s hero. Dyson blames her for almost getting Bo killed in the first place. After the exchange, Lauren meets Bo’s eyes and smiles.

At the end of the episode, when Dyson brings over pizza, the subject of Lauren comes up when he mentions that he has to see the Ash. Dyson believes that Lauren is too close to the Ash, and Bo is in turn too close to Lauren. Dyson just doesn’t trust Lauren. Bo does, however, and says that Lauren cares and asks if Dyson is willing to say the same thing. Dyson replies that now that Bo has made a decision, she should call Lauren the next time she needs to heal.