1.06 – “Food For Thought”

Written by: Pamela Pinch
Directed by: John Fawcett
Original Airdate: October 24, 2010

The episode opens with Bo standing in front of the mirror, trying out different black dresses. Bo informs Kenzi that she has a doctor’s appointment that night. Kenzi is skeptical as to what exactly the appointment entails since Bo has on sexy boots and a push-up bra. Bo explains that Lauren is going to take her out to test whether she is learning to control her abilities in the real world. When Kenzi teases her, Bo is adamant that it is not a date.

At the bar, Bo and Lauren down tequila shots as they get to know each other. Lauren appreciates how elegantly the Fae has evolved and that something so fantastic is actually quite simple. When Bo begs to differ – she does not find her ten-year killing spree “simple” – Lauren reassures her that she has been controlling herself quite well in the lab, which is why they are doing a test-run in the real world.

Bo looks around and comments that the sexual energy in the room is off the charts. Lauren is fascinated by Bo’s ability to see energy flow around people and asks her to rate the sexual energy of a nearby couple. Lauren then wants Bo to read her own sexual energy. When Bo chuckles and brings up “keeping it professional”, Lauren calls it “scientific curiosity”. Bo complies and looks at Lauren intently, saying that she is “definitely curious” and that she is “not so sure that it’s entirely scientific”. They have a moment before Lauren announces that they need another drink. After ordering from the bartender, Bo and Lauren stare into each others’ eyes for some time before Bo averts her gaze with a knowing look on her face.

Later, Bo and Lauren have moved to the couch, and Lauren is at risk of not being able to feel her lips from so much lime. Bo loves “after-hours” Lauren and tells her that she should work on not being in control all the time. Lauren retorts with amusement that they are there to work on Bo gaining control. Lauren then asks Bo if she is ready and extends her hand for Bo to “succubus” her. As the energy flows from Bo’s hand to Lauren’s, Lauren is visibly affected. When Lauren tells Bo to focus on what she is feeling, Bo answers that she feels hungry. They move slowly toward each other, and just as they are about to kiss, Bo pulls away and lets go of Lauren’s hand. Bo is worried that once she starts feeding, she won’t be able to stop. Lauren assures her that she is ready and that she is not a monster. She tells Bo to sleep on it and that they will talk in the morning.

The next morning, Bo and Kenzi are hanging out in Lauren’s lab, waiting for the doctor to show up. Kenzi lets Bo know exactly how she feels about Lauren, but Bo tells her to give Lauren a chance, since she is actually very interesting and has been helping her.

Lauren breezes into the lab and apologizes for being late and asks to re-schedule with Bo as she has to tend to “official Ash business”. Bo is curious about Lauren’s appointment and flirts with her a bit, which compels Lauren to invite her to tag along to meet a Fae from one of the oldest Fae orders. Bo is all too happy to accept and drags a reluctant Kenzi along.

The three show up at the patient’s house. Lauren, along with Bo, tend to the sick Aswang, who is bleeding from the eyes. Meanwhile, Kenzi pokes around the kitchen and starts making herself a meal, which consists of bread and soup from a pot. Unbeknownst to her, said soup is made with human feet. In the patient’s room, Lauren suspects that perhaps the Aswang’s illness is related to something she ate. Bo and Lauren go to the kitchen to investigate, only to find Kenzi eating that hearty foot soup. As Kenzi frantically rinses and sprays perfume into her mouth, Lauren tells Bo to follow up with the funeral parlour that provided the foot while she brings the specimen back to her lab to for tests.

Some time later, Lauren is looking at the virus under the microscope when Bo brings Kenzi into the lab, who also started bleeding from the eyes. Lauren says that she developed a rudimentary treatment, which is not a cure. Lauren has determined that it’s some sort of hemorrhagic fever from a virus, found in the foot, that she cannot identify. The only solution is to find the original source of the virus so that an antitoxin can be developed.

They determine that the source of the virus is somewhere in the Barron Chemicals building. Bo wants to break in and wants Lauren to help identify the virus. Lauren is uneasy about doing things unapproved by the Ash, but Bo reminds her that this virus also kills Fae.

As luck would have it, Barron Chemicals is bringing in outside quality control inspectors, one of whom Lauren can pose as. Dyson will detain the real inspector for 24 hours while Lauren steals her identity. Meanwhile, Bo will pose as a sexy executive assistant to the Chief of Operations.

Dyson successfully detains the real quality control inspector and passes her badge to Lauren. Lauren infiltrates the facility and meets up with Bo in a lab full of caged rats and devises a plan to gain clearance to Sector Six, which likely houses the source of the virus. Lauren will create a diversion in the lab to disable the guards later that night and Bo will attempt to get a key card and voice print from the Chief of Operations.

On the way back to their rendezvous point, Bo encounters a guard who holds her at gun point. She succubuses him, but apparently does not do enough of it, as he quickly comes awake and once again threatens her with the gun. Lauren swoops in from the side and knocks him out with an injection. Bo is impressed that Lauren “saved her ass”, and Lauren in turn is immensely pleased that Bo was able to exert control when she succubused him.

When Bo and Lauren gain access to Sector Six, they are confronted with a tank containing a menacing sea snake. Bo stabs the Basilisk to get a blood sample, after which Lauren shuts down the system to kill the creature so that the virus can no longer be spread. They flee when the alarms go off .

Back at the Dal, Lauren administers the antidote she developed with the blood sample to Kenzi, who eventually gets better. Lauren checks on Kenzi and says that she will be fine. As Lauren picks up her bag to leave, Bo chases after her to thank her again. Lauren in turn says that she should thank Bo for getting her out of her shell for a little, and puts her hands on Bo’s shoulders. Bo turns to glance at Dyson, who is staring at them from a distance and looking territorial. Bo starts to speak, but Lauren cuts her off with, “It’s okay. I know we are not undercover anymore. This is the real world”. She adds that she is happy that Kenzi will be okay and departs, leaving Bo looking a bit longingly after her.

As Kenzi chomps down on her food, Bo expresses to Dyson that things have turned out well, including that as a result of her training, she can probably have sex with humans now without casualties. Dyson is jealous and snipes, “You have the good doctor to thank for that. Is she going to be your first test subject?” When asked if that would be a problem, Dyson feigns nonchalance, maintaining that it is none of his business.