1.04 – “Faetal Attraction”

Written by: Jeremy Boxen
Directed by: Steve Di’Marco
Original Airdate: October 3, 2010

At the Dal, Bo is drinking away her sorrows over Dyson, while Kenzi is just drinking. After a sufficient rant over Dyson, Kenzi asks, “What else?” Bo, noticing Lauren enter the bar out of the corner of her eye, answers “Lauren”. Kenzi, unaware of Lauren’s approach, goes off on her coldness and frigidness and compares her to a speculum, while an unamused Lauren watches her from  the other side of Bo.

Lauren then picks up a shot glass and tells Bo that as her doctor, she should recommend against excessive intoxication. While Bo denies being drunk, Lauren says that they do not yet know the effects of cocktails on her abilities. Bo proceeds to flirt with her, assuring Lauren that since she is not a guy, booze does not affect he ability to perform (the last part of the sentence deliberately enunciated), and touches Lauren’s face. The blatant flirting unsettles Lauren a little as she looks away, before replying that she “would not want to be on the receiving end of a drunken Succubus bootycall” and tells Bo to take it easy. When Bo doesn’t promise anything, Lauren tells Kenzi to keep an eye on her. After Lauren moves away, Kenzi comments on the “serious sparkage” between the two and that Lauren likes her. Bo reminds her that it doesn’t matter, since Lauren is human and will die if Bo sleeps with her.

Later, a Fury named Olivia, who is injured after her encounter with Bo, is brought to Fae labs and treated by Lauren. When Bo explains what happened to the Ash, that she decided not to execute a human as she was asked by Olivia, he is not impressed that she sided with a human over a Fae. After Olivia flatlines, The Ash tells Bo that he will be keeping her under close scrutiny.