1.01 – “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World”

Written by: Michelle Lovretta
Directed by: Erik Canuel
Original Airdate: September 12, 2010

In the pilot episode, Bo is tracked by Dyson and Hale of the local Light Fae after a particularly messy kill in her attempt to save Kenzi. Bo is eventually captured and brought to The Ash’s compound for questioning. Handcuffed and placed in a chair, Bo is completely clueless when asked by the Ash to name her clan. We first meet Lauren when she comes through the doors and announces The Morrigan’s insistence on seeing Bo. The Ash first wants Lauren to examine Bo. Lauren bends down to grab Bo’s arm and gently asks her to go with her. Bo complies and Lauren ushers her towards her lab.

In the lab, Lauren slowly trails her fingers down Bo’s back, lingering a little. When Bo asks what she is checking her for, Lauren quickly snaps out of it and explains that she is looking for brands, or ritual scarring, as different clans mark themselves differently. Lauren proceeds to give Bo a onceover and blurts, “My God, you are beautiful… I meant that.. professionally.” When Bo says that she has that effect on people, Lauren replies that it would fit her hypothesis and asks if she could proceed with some personal questions. Bo says that all questions seem personal when she is “commando”, and an embarrassed Lauren apologizes and indicates for her to get dressed.

Bo wants to know about “the freaks” that she just met, and Lauren explains that they are Fae, an evolutionary branch that predates humans. Lauren further tells Bo that she is Fae and that there are many types. When Bo inquires what type of Fae Lauren is, Lauren explains that she is “the insatiably curious human doctor type” and that she is in for the science.

Based on her examination of Bo’s kill from the night before, Lauren concludes that Bo is a Succubus. When Bo asks if that can be fixed, Lauren tells her that there is nothing to fix as she is a perfect biological specimen of her kind. However, Lauren adds that they can help her learn to control her abilities, something that she would have been taught already if she had been born into the clan. By learning to control her abilities, Bo would not necessarily need to kill every time she feeds. Although, Bo would have to pick between the Light and Dark Fae before Lauren is allowed to help her. Upon hearing this, Bo suddenly steps forward, takes Lauren’s hand, and proceeds to use her Succubus abilities on her. Bo whispers to Lauren that “she can offer her things, if they get out of here”.  Lauren, in a trance, replies that she knows that she is doing. Bo asks if she wants her to stop, but Lauren quickly answers, “No.” Bo smiles smugly and leads Lauren towards the doors.

As the doors slide open to reveal Dyson, who is waiting for outside with handcuffs, Bo lets go of Lauren’s hand. As Dyson puts the handcuffs back on her, Bo apologizes to Lauren and says that she had to try. An embarrassed Lauren stammers that “it was very informative”. Dyson explains that they are taking Bo to the glass factory, a neutral territory, where the Fae are going to administer The Test on her. Lauren thinks that is madness without proper training but Dyson says that it’s not their call. Dyson leads Bo away, as a visibly concerned Lauren watches them go.