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Interview with Jeremy LaLonde: Part I

As we know, Jeremy LaLonde is working on an exciting new indie film entitled Sex After Kids. The ensemble cast includes familiar faces from Lost Girl including Zoie Palmer, Kris Holden-Ried, Paul Amos (who plays Vex), and Katie Boland (who played The Morrigan’s assistant). The funding campaign (with a goal of $50,000) for the film kicked off last week, and has already raised over $14,000. Please continue to spread the word to make sure they reach their goal.

We had the opportunity to interview Jeremy, the writer/director of Sex After Kids. Many of you might be familiar with his previous work, The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard, which also starred Zoie and Kris. Jeremy graciously took the time to answer our questions (which include a few submitted by other fans) and shared his thoughts on the writing process, getting into the industry, Sex After Kids, working with Zoie and Kris, and much more.  Enjoy the first part of our two-part interview below. The second part will be posted tomorrow.


How long have you been making films? How did you get started?

JL: How long is a piece of string? ;-)  Forever.  In high school my buddy Zach Melnick and I made a lot of little films for fun (he’s actually someone I still work with – he was the director of photography on The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard and will likely be who I get to shoot Sex After Kids).  We ended up winning this contest for Lever Ponds called “Your Future, Your Say” and that gave us some money and we used it to buy better equipment to make “better” movies.  After high school we applied and got grants to make historical documentaries and that put us both through college and university and gave us a solid boot-camp in filmmaking.  You can check those projects out at it’s actually something Zach is still working on.  I was around for the first five, but he keeps it going.  God bless him.  I sold out and moved to Toronto and started working in the film and television industry.  I work mostly as an editor and am slowly working towards a career where I can focus more on writing and directing.  I love editing too though – I see all three of those jobs as extensions of the other.  A story is told once when you write it, again when you shoot it, and then one final time when you edit it.  And it continues to change – so to be able to do all three of those is a big part of how I approach filmmaking.  I’m not sure I’ve answered the question.  I suppose I got started when I realized that there wasn’t anything else I’d be able to do with my life.