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Transcript of Tonight’s Special Live Chat with Emily Andras

A big thank you to Emily for joining us in chatroom tonight.

We now have a shorter edited version of the chat online, which can be read here. The full transcript of the live chat and Q&A can still be read here.

Emily also announced during the chat that for those who voted in the E! Online poll that got us the Doccubus win, send your specs to within 3 days.

Emily Andras’ Surprise Visit to Our Live Chat

We were happy to see Emily Andras, Lost Girl’s showrunner, dropped by our chatroom this evening during episode 3.06, to thank everyone for their effort voting in the E! Online poll.

For anyone who missed it, you can read all she said by clicking on “read more”.

A Doccubus Timeline

The Season 3 premiere is right around the corner. We thought that we would refresh your memory (not that any of you require it) of what has happened so far in the Bo & Lauren storyline in the first 2 seasons. And what better way to do so than in flowchart form, with a touch of irreverence. Be sure to click on “read more” for the entire thing.

Mysterious creature named “Bo” shows up in town and does her usual feed-and-flee routine. This time, her messy eating habits gets her captured.

At the Light Fae Compound, a restrained Bo makes an uncooperative Bo. Bo is hostile towards all the Fae but agreeably goes with the Light Fae Doctor for a physical.

Lauren has Bo take her clothes off and proceeds to examine her in the least professional way possible. Lauren explains to Bo what a succubus is while Bo shows Lauren what a succubus can do.

Lost Girl Set Visit Report – Part II

Please enjoy Part II of our Lost Girl set visit report. Part I of our report, posted yesterday, is found here.

Lost Girl Set Visit Report – Part I

Hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there during the hiatus.  We have a special feature that we hope you will all enjoy. I was fortunate enough to visit the Lost Girl set recently as the winner of a contest, which was an amazing experience that I’d like to share with you all. My report is split into two parts, and below is the first part. The second will be posted tomorrow. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed on set, but I will try to describe everything non-spoilery that I saw in detail. Click on “read more” for Part I of the report.

Interview with Jeremy LaLonde: Part II

Thanks for the positive feedback on Twitter yesterday! Click here for part 1 of the interview if you haven’t read it. Here is part 2 of our interview with Jeremy, in which he teases how big Zoie’s role will be, what it’s like to work with Zoie and Kris, and much more.


How big of a role will Zoie be playing? We’re all hoping to see her on screen quite a bit. ~Submitted by Becky Clark

JL: It’s an ensemble film, so there’s more-or-less an equal weight to each of the five stories.  However, based on my initial shooting schedule, Zoie has the most days of anyone in the cast.  So that should tell you something about the size of her role… or maybe I just like having her around…


Could you talk a bit about the benefits of “crowd-sourcing” funding and if there are challenges associated with it?  Have you funded films this way before? And what role is social media playing in all of this?

JL: This is my first go-around with crowd-funding.  I think the benefits are that you get to build a fan base for the project right from the ground floor – and you get to interact with them!  The money you raise doesn’t have to be paid back outside of the perks you provide, so there’s a nice safety net where no one is looking for their money back – and if the film works out you’re into profit very quickly.  The challenges are that it’s a lot of work to get the word out and get people to contribute.  You have to be dedicated to it, and you have to ask a bit more of your cast and crew if you want to do viral marketing.  My producer Jennifer Liao and I spent some time researching successful campaigns and seeing the patterns of what they did.  You can search for articles online that talk about it as well.  I imagine that when this is all done I’ll write a detailed article on my blog about it (  Social media is absolutely integral.  You can’t do crowd-funding without it.