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E! Online TV Couples Poll

Update on Feb. 11: Doccubus has made it all the way to the Final!! Please vote as much as you can – a Doccubus win will give Lost Girl the exposure it deserves. Voting runs until Feb. 13 at 9 pm EST. Get voting here!

Update on Feb. 7: Our couple has made it to the Final Four! Voting runs until Feb. 10 at 9 pm EST. Vote as much as you can so Doccubus makes it to the final. Vote here!

Update on Feb. 4: Bo and Lauren are in the final 8. Vote for Doccubus in Round 4 here.  Vote for this round ends on Feb. 6 at 9 pm PST.

Update on Feb. 1: Bo and Lauren are now in the 3rd Round of the tournament. Vote of them here (under Game 2.3). Voting for this round ends on Feb. 3 at 9 pm. Vote early and vote often! ;)

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Bo and Lauren have made it into the 2nd Round of E! Online TV Couples poll. Vote for them here (under Game 2.2). Voting for this round ends on Jan. 31 at 9 pm EST.

Poll: What did you think of the Season 3 Premiere?

We have brought back our polls! To start off, we would really like to know what you thought of the Season 3 premiere. Feel free to explain your choice in the comments!

What did you think of the Season 3 Premiere?

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Afterellen’s 2012 Visibility Awards is currently open for voting. Lost Girl has been nominated in the “Favorite TV Drama” category, Anna in “Favorite TV actress”, and Bo & Lauren in both “Favorite Fictional TV couple” and “Hottest Hookup in Film/TV”. Click here to view and cast for your vote for each category. Voting ends on January 2. You can vote once per hour.

Poll: Which is your favourite Doccubus scene in the 2nd half of Season 2?

We presented our Top 5 scenes in the second half of Season 2 last week. In this week’s poll, we’d like to know, which one was your favourite? We’ve added one more scene to the list: the one where Lauren seeks comfort in Bo’s arms in 2.20. If your favourite scene isn’t on the list, let us know which one it is!

Which is your favourite scene in the 2nd half of Season 2?

  • Breathless (2.21) (43%, 351 Votes)
  • The Goodbye Kiss (2.22) (24%, 194 Votes)
  • Bo tells Lauren (who is lying in her arms), "We are in this together." (2.20) (12%, 97 Votes)
  • The “Welcome home” Hug (2.16) (10%, 84 Votes)
  • “I love you…all…so much.” (2.22) (9%, 71 Votes)
  • Nadia Awakes (2.12) (2%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 810

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In our last poll, we asked which was your favourite Doccubus kiss. The passionate goodbye kiss in this season’s finale just edged out the angsty kiss beside Nadia’s pod (30% to 27%). Check out the final results here.

Poll: Which is your favourite Doccubus kiss?

We may not get Doccubus action often, but when we do, we can be sure that they are always memorable and quality scenes. In this week’s poll, we want to know, out of all the Doccubus kisses so far, which one is your favourite?

Which is your favourite Doccubus kiss?

  • Bo pulls Lauren in for a passionate goodbye kiss before confronting the Garuda (2.22). (30%, 194 Votes)
  • The angsty, desperate kiss in front of Nadia's pod (2.08). (27%, 177 Votes)
  • The kiss leading to Bo & Lauren's first time together (1.08). (20%, 129 Votes)
  • The kiss that ignites the frantic love scene before Lauren has to leave (possibly for good) (2.06). (17%, 111 Votes)
  • Lauren kisses Bo and wants her to "come back safe" (1.13). (6%, 40 Votes)

Total Voters: 651

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Poll: Should Bo & Lauren get it on in the season finale?

No doubt you will all be indifferent to this question, since we are all so invested in the Garuda story that we won’t notice anything else that happens during the finale, right??

Should Bo and Lauren get it on in the season finale?

  • Hell yeah! (64%, 287 Votes)
  • I'll be disappointed if they don't. (19%, 86 Votes)
  • Yes. (14%, 64 Votes)
  • Oh, this is a SHIPPER site? (3%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 448

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Last week, we asked what kind of Lost Girl merchandise you would want. There’s interest in every category, with clothing and posters/art/print taking the top spots. Check out the final results here. We’ll be tweeting them to Showcase.