What is Doccubus?

Doccubus” is the portmanteau of Doctor Lauren Lewis and Bo, the Succubus, on Lost Girl. The term was coined by the fandom* to refer to the budding romantic relationship between Bo and Lauren in Season 1, which has continued to go through twists and turns in Season 2.

Bo (short for “Ysabeau”) Dennis
Genus: Fae
Species: Succubus
AKA: The Succubus, Bobo, or whatever Kenzi decides to call her at any given moment.

Powerful. Sexy. Loyal. Headstrong. Kind-hearted. Vulnerable. Child-like. All the things that draw us towards Bo, the heroine on Lost Girl.

Bo grew up in a human family, unaware of how different she was from her adoptive parents and everyone around her. That is until she reached age 18, when her Succubus powers materialized and she unintentionally sucked the life out of her first boyfriend during sex. Horrified by what had transpired, Bo fled her hometown and from the consequences. However, needing to satisfy her hunger to feed and yet unable to control her abilities, Bo went on a ten-year killing spree.  In the pilot, after Bo was found out by the local Fae after a particularly messy kill in her attempt to save Kenzi, Bo embarks on the journey of discovering her true nature. Bo, for the first time, encounters individuals of her kind in Dyson, Hale, and Trick, among others. Bo also meets Lauren, the human doctor working for The Ash, whom she quickly forms a connection with.

As a result of having been raised by humans, Bo largely embraces human values and often relates more to them than to her own kind. Headstrong and often impulsive, Bo tends to fight for what she believes in and protect those important to her. Oftentimes, Bo jumps into situations without thinking things through. In Season 2, Bo continues to fight for friends as well as strangers but is handling situations with the maturity and wisdom gained from experience.

Bo also has a strong need to love and be loved in return. Her affections for both Dyson and Lauren have created a love triangle (which, respectively, have sprouted triangular offshoots and at risk of becoming a polyhedron) which plays a central role on the show.


Dr. Lauren Lewis
Species: Human
AKA: The Doctor, Dr. Hotpants

Aside from having hair that looks perfect in any variation, Lauren is a brilliant scientist and doctor who serves the Light Fae. Self-described as “an insatiably curious human doctor type”, Lauren is a walking encyclopedia of Fae knowledge and is prone to episodes of extreme (albeit adorkable) nerdiness when fatigued or when she misses the lab. Lauren, despite having no status as a human in the Fae world, has learned to navigate this world rather successfully for five years for her own self-preservation.

In her initial encounter with Bo, Lauren’s attraction is unmistakable even as she tries to brush it off as professional curiosity. A loyal and giving person, Lauren risks her own well-being by continually helping an unaligned Bo. Her calm, soft-spoken, and lovably awkward demeanour is the perfect complement to Bo’s fiery and passionate nature. Lauren has shown a strong attraction to Bo and has flirted openly with her on multiple occasions in Season 1.

In Season 2, we learn that Lauren sold herself into servitude for her girlfriend, who fell into a coma five years ago. At the thought of Nadia waking up and the implications on her relationship with Bo, Lauren’s usually composed demeanour begins to crack, the pressure eventually leading to her emotional unravelling.

In Season 1, Lauren was usually the one helping Bo. In Season 2, the roles have been reversed as Bo is now the one defending and supporting Lauren.

While Nadia must have meant a great deal to Lauren for her to have given up her life in exchange for a cure and she feels compelled to work on rekindling her relationship with Nadia, there is no denying that Lauren has fallen in love with Bo as well, as she gives away her feelings every time those soulful brown eyes look into Bo’s.

*Ever wondered who coined “Doccubus” in the fandom? We have been wondering as well. And now we finally have the answer! Steph (@SterlingMB) reached out to us and recounted, “It was a dark and ‘Lost Girl’ drenched Sunday sometime during the airing of the first season of LG (oh how I wish we’d favourites the posts or something) when we were musing about creating shipper names for the Succubus and her sweet sexy Doctor when @shellcourchaine first gave life to the name Doccubus. She graciously has allowed me to share in the glory of the moment…” And there you have it!