Doccubus Live Chat Tonight

The Doccubus Live Chat will take place during episode 4.13. The room will open at 9:45 pm EST. Both the chatroom and live blog for the recap and can be accessed on this page. Please give the chatroom rules a read before joining the discussion. Thanks. Click here to follow the live blog directly.

5 Responses to Doccubus Live Chat Tonight

    • hanleyn says:

      hey in this web site Bo and Lauren are fighting for best couple we have an army that are trying there best to get the win we have two rounds to go. can and will you help us show Bo and Lauren that you have love for they love. get in and vote it starts 10 am tomarrow. lets see som support all together.

  1. JCF says:

    ‘allo, ‘allo, is this thing on?

    Kinda weird—and depressing—to not see posts dated 2014 here. Recaps? Valksy/Mahlers5th essays? Anybody? Buehller?

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