Quick Recap of Tonight’s Episode (4.07)

Below is a quick recap of the Doccubus storyline in tonight’s episode (under the cut for those who want to avoid spoilers). Click on “read more” for the details. Join the episode discussion on our forum!

  • The Una Mens still have Dyson. Bo, with Lauren, Kenzi & Hale figure out a plan to get him out before they execute him for his accused crime.
  • While Kenzi and Hale go to the Una Mens lair, Bo, with help from Lauren and an Oracle, goes into Dyson’s memories to try and figure out what his crime was.
  • Bo is glad Lauren came to help, even though Dyson is light and she is now with the dark – Lauren states that “Dyson is family” and of course she came.
  • Lauren bought all sorts of medical and mystical items to help them, which causes Bo makes a observation about Lauren getting close to the Morrigan. Lauren wonders what Kenzi told her, and tells Bo she just took the items – act dark to be dark.
  • The Oracle has noticed the black hole in Bo’s memory. Mentions she thought Bo may have been the foretold unaligned Succubus, but now, maybe not.
  • Lauren ties a red thread around the ankles of Bo and the Oracle. As they wait, Kenzi manages to do the same to Dyson. This links them, and Bo goes into Dysons memories.
  • Bo wakes up as Dyson – Bo!Dyson is in bed with twins, and has to make a quick escape as it seems all the town is after him. Bo!Dyson heads to a bar, where the main act, Flora looks a lot like Lauren.
  • Dyson and Flora have been having an affair – Bo!Dyson heads back to her private rooms where they hatch a plot to take the Hell Shoes that a wealthy French Prince has possession of. Bo!Dyson & Lauren!Flora have sex before being interrupted by the Prince. Lauren!Flora hides Dyson – and opens the door for the prince.
    Back in the present, Lauren is watching as Bo moans her name in the throws of passion. Lauren seems rather flattered until she considered the point that it might be Dyson talking.
  • The Prince enters her room with a box and Flora leads him to the bed, where she blindfolds him. Flora opens the box to find the shoes and the prince gets angry. Bo!Dyson comes out from hiding and knocks him out.
  • Lauren!Flora puts the shoes on to hide them. They immediately react to being on her feet. They burn and she realises they are not intended for her. Bo!Dyson can’t remove the shoes.
  • The Oracle intrudes into the dream and tells Bo that she has to leave now. Dyson’s memories are starting to fuse. The Oracle says Bo is something else, brave. Is she willing to sacrifice it for a wolf. The oracle comes out of the trance and leaves. She is freaked out and nothing Lauren says can make her stay.
  • Back in Dysons memory, Bo!Dyson finds Lauren!Flora crouched over a dead body. They fight. Flora realises that the shoes are making the darkest parts of her come to the surface. Flora starts to tell Dyson about things to come. Someone else arrives and shoots Flora, killing her. The killer tells Bo!Dyson he is just here for the shoes. He tells Dyson he is a waste of flesh, all he ever did was steal and screw.
  • Lauren is worried about Bo so takes another thread and enters the trance herself. When Lauren appears to Bo, she is confused and thinks that she just buried Lauren. Bo says with her dead there is nothing to come back for. Lauren tells her that there is Dyson – she has to go back and save him.
  • Bo realises Dyson is trying to tell her something, and when she figures it out she unties the thread and wakes up.
  • Bo wakes up concerned that Lauren went into the memories, and she is only human. Bo goes to untie the thread around Laurens ankle – but notices the note Lauren left on the mirror for her – “Don’t cut the red string”. Bo isn’t sure what to do, so kisses her. This wakes Lauren up. They have a moment. Lauren is concerned that Bo is still herself, and wants her to say something. Her first words are “I know how to save Dyson”.
  • Bo & Lauren head to the Una Mens lair, where Bo confronts them – she realised that they were the ones who were after the Hell Shoes in Dysons memory.
  • Bo, Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson & Hale head back to the dal. Kenzi is happy that the gang is all back together. Bo says they are all meant to be together – fate only gets you so far, staying together takes work. Dyson talks about how intimate it was, with Bo in his memory. Bo states their minds work well together.
  • Dyson explains how after the events he swore his fealty to Trick, the Blood King
  • Trick told Dyson he is a hero, it is his destiny.
  • Dyson mentions that Trick is the true saviour, but Bo rebuts him, saying “not to me, not lately”. This causes Dyson to tell the group about the mark on Bo’s chest. Bo says it’s beside the point, why isn’t Trick helping.
  • Bo is determined that they have to find the Wanderer

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