Quick Recap of Tonight’s Episode (4.06)

Below is a quick recap of the Doccubus storyline in tonight’s episode (under the cut for those who want to avoid spoilers). Click on “read more” for the details. Join the episode discussion on our forum!

  • A woman turns up at the dal. It seems Bo told her if she escaped from her captivity Bo would help her. According to Trick, the fae, Ianka, is a descendent of the bird people, who’s songs can bring back memories.
  • She sings a line and Bo starts to remember a vision of her wandering around in the forest, walking up in the bed on the train. Bo wants more, but Ianka first wants to perform in front of an audience, she needs to feed.
  • Bo arranges for her to sing at the Dal but her captor arrives to claim Ianka back. He eventually decides to let her sing.
    During the performance. Bo is getting back some memories. In her visions, she sees a black crown with Isabeau inscribed. The aria is interupted when another fae, Marcus, arrives to take Ianka for himself.
  • It seems Marcus and the other Fae who held her captive have fought over her before. The necklace she wears is not only a tracker but made of a quartz that will explode if Marcus detonates it.
  • Kenzie heads off to Lauren to obtain the liquid argon that will render the crystals inactive. Lauren tells Kenzie if the crystals are clear then they are no longer explosive or dangerous.
  • Apparently, Ianka and Marcus are in love. There is a lot of politics and opposing clans… they can’t be together. When Marcus presses the button to detonate the crystals, Marcus & Ianka take the opportunity to sneak away.
  • Bo, Kenzie and Hale track down Ianka and Marcus and find they were running off together. After Bo confronts them we find Marcus was going to use Ianka to destroy Ianka’s captor and his clan. The bird people can hurt Fae with their voices and can even kill with a death note.
  • Ianka sings the death note at him, and Bo remembers more as she sings. Unfortunately, singing the death note requires the Ianka to sacrifice herself. She dies in Bo’s arms, handing her a silver container.
  • Back in Bo’s bedroom, she opens it and hears the singers last song. Bo remembers herself on the train, looking in the mirror. this Bo has a glowing handprint in her chest. Later, Bo and dyson are having sex, and Bo gets overly angry when he asks her to look at him. When she snaps out of it, she is apologetic – and then we see the same glowing handprint on Bo’s chest. Bo thinks Rainer/The Wanderer might be her father.
  • The Una Mens show up. They are after Dyson. The codex has been infringed upon.
  • Lauren is packing up her apartment, dancing and looking happy. The Morrigan turns up, saying she came to help her move. She comments on Laurens lack of hosting skills and hands over pizza and beer, instructing Lauren to call her Evony.
  • Lauren admits to having a Star Trek DVD collection… and action figures. Evony tells her, “Oh honey, I came just in time.” and hands her some old books. The old books are journals written by Einstein, Marie Curie and other famous scientists and doctors.
  • Lauren and Evony drink and bond. They discuss the ethics of experimenting on people versus using computers. Evony tells Lauren that doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to. She wants Lauren to feel free. Lauren says that if she is to work for the Dark Fae, it’ll be on her own terms.
  • Kenzi turns up and is not impressed to find Evony and Lauren hanging out having fun. She wants to talk to the ‘real Lauren’ not the alternate dark Fae version. Kenzi blurts out a bunch of things and ends with “She misses you. We all do.”
  • When Kenzi returns to Bo she doesn’t mention finding The Morrigan with Lauren.
  • Evony says Lauren can call her a friend. Evony talks about wearing a mask to protect herself. Gives a key to the Dark’s medical testing facilities. Full access. Calls her a brilliant woman. “Own it, girlfriend.” Lauren says she’s not gonna trust her. Evony says she wouldn’t respect her if she did. Gives her key to new condo. Evony said it was fun. Laurne agreed. Lauren gets up from the couch and says, “Evony..” and kisses her.
  • Lauren ends up agreeing to work for the dark Fae – no contracts. Evony hands her the access card to the dark Fae labs, an all access pass, and the key to her new loft. Lauren says she’s not gonna trust her. Evony says she wouldn’t respect her if she did.
    Evony said it was fun. Lauren agreed. Lauren gets up from the couch and says, “Evony…” and kisses her. Evony doesn’t look like she minds at all.
  • After the Morrigan leaves, Lauren sits down at her desk. She removes what looks like some kind of plastic material from her lips and safely puts in into a specimen dish.

For a full rundown of events in this episode, check out the live blog here

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