Quick Recap of Tonight’s Episode (4.05)

Below is a quick recap of the Doccubus storyline in tonight’s episode (under the cut for those who want to avoid spoilers). Click on “read more” for the details. Join the episode discussion on our forum!

  • Bo doesn’t accept the news that she is Dark Fae, she tells the Una Mens it’s “Bullshit”. She starts to suck chi from the Una Men but they overpower her and their chi ‘boomerangs’ back out to them. She heads off to find out how she pledged herself to The Dark.
  • Kenzi and Bo are waiting to see The Morrigan – they assume it is still Vex. Bo takes the opportunity to”recharge her double-D’s” and she emerges from the bathroom having fed off a couple of Dark Fae. Bo tells Kenzi that they need to find the Wanderer to get all this sorted out. Dyson is out of town, looking for Lauren – Bo says he has to find her, and Lauren has to be okay.
  • It turns out the Evony is back, and regained her position as The Morrigan. She tells Bo that she has until the full moon rises to figure out how to reverse her decision to join the Dark. Unfortunately for Bo, the full moon is tonight. Bo agrees to attend a Dark Fae gathering.
  • Vex isn’t at the party, Evony doesn’t actually know where he is. She wants Vex found, as the Una Mens won’t leave town until all the loose ends are tied up.
  • Evony tells Bo that she is her friend, and as Bo turns around, she sees Lauren walking toward her. Lauren walks towards her across the grass, dressed for the occasion in black dress and heels. Bo is mesmerised by the sight of her.
  • Bo and Lauren are left alone to get reacquainted. They admit they have much to talk about, but decide that they’d rather be making out. They’re interrupted by the Morrigan who has a plan – Bo and Lauren, accompanied by a Scavenger Fae are to find and trap Vex.
  • The Scavenger Fae finds the knife that Vex needs to escape from the binding the una men’s have performed on him. Lauren and Bo plan to draw Vex out to get the knife, and Lauren has prepared a syringe of Nectar of Violet which will disable Vex. Lauren seems impressed that the Dark Fae have that Nectar of Violet growing in their greenhouses.
  • Vex sends a puppet on his place and manages to draw Bo out on her own. Bo is startled by Vex’s puppet and drops the syringe. After a short fight, Vex picks it up and injects her with the Nectar of Violet. It immediately knocks Bo out.
  • Bo wakes up to find herself at Dysons place, paralysed and watching Vex prepare to cut off his own hand. Bo tells Vex how she has found Lauren again and that they’re back together. Vex gags her as he gets sick of hearing her lovey-dovey talk about Lauren.
  • By the time Bo regains the use of her limbs, it’s too late, Vex manages to cut off his hand. They talk again and Bo finds that it wasn’t Vex that sold her to the Wanderer and made her Dark. He tells her to go and ask the Dark Fae Archivist as he would know.
  • Bo goes back to confront the Morrigan and give her Vex’s hand. Evony admits she was lying to Bo about being able to change her mind about her allegiance to the Dark. She was just trying to be poetic with the ‘moonrise’ talk and use Bo to find Vex so she could tie up the loose ends and get rid of the Una Mens.
  • Bo decides to take Vex under her protection. The Morrigan calls in her Archivist, who rips off the skin of his scalp. Written on the skin is Bo’s pledge to the Dark, signed by Bo herself, sponsored by someone called Rainer.
  • Lauren shows up at The Morrigans office. Bo and Lauren have another moment alone to talk. Bo wants to take her home and put her in a bath. Lauren tells her she is happy working for the Dark Fae. They came looking for her when the light didn’t, and offered her protection from the Una Mens. Bo doesn’t like it and offers to take her under her protection. Lauren points out that she would be owned by Bo. She doesn’t want that. Lauren feels free with the Dark, they let her come and go as she pleases, and now Bo is Dark they can see each other around. Bo tells her “When you are ready to come back to your real family, just say the word” and walks away’.
  • Meanwhile, at the Dark Fae party…Kenzi and Tamsin find Bruce in service to a dark Fae, and challenge her to a dance off to the death. The winner will be Bruce’s master until his punishment is over. Tamsin used her powers and wins.
  • Trick is called in front of the Una Mens and we find the Blood King created them. Six Fae gave up their souls to become the una mens, their role is to keep the rules of Fae and make sure all follow them. They make Trick acting Ash.
  • Bo goes to The Dal to talk things over with Trick. They are bemused by Bo joining the dark as Trick becomes the acting Ash. Trick tells her that they need to find Rainer and find out what happened. They can find out about who Rainer is by looking in the King’s Book of Records.
  • The Una Men are given the contract Bo signed. They are looking up Rainer in a book – when they find the name, they look worried and say “Never Again”.

For a full rundown of events in this episode, check out the live blog here

2 Responses to Quick Recap of Tonight’s Episode (4.05)

  1. Bemad says:

    Just a thought about Rainer/the wanderer..
    I don’t know if you remember, at the first episode, there i a mysterious box…

    In past season 2, in episode 10 i think (not so sure), Trick goes to see a chinese-vodoo-ex-under-the-rain woman to get some cheepherbal thing for his blood-transe of the moon…

    Well! this woman asked him, jadis, when they’re travelled together on a boat, what was he carried whit him in a box …

    He didn’t want to anwser that question, telling he can’t tell, it was dangerous, blablabla.. then he finally said that it was the remains of a skeleton of someone very dangerous and he didn’t want to tell the name..

    well… maybe there is a connection between this box (S02) and this box (S04).. or mayber not !

    just a thought ^^’

  2. Remi Ma says:

    Do you guys think that Bo may have actually picked up on Lauren’s clue? Bo stated, “whenever you’re ready to come back to your real family … just say the word” As for Bo looking heartbroken after walking out of the room … could it be that she just got Lauren back and hated with all her heart to leave her in order for a plan to hatch out?

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