Quick Recap of Tonight’s Episode (4.04)

Below is a quick recap of the Doccubus storyline in tonight’s episode (under the cut for those who want to avoid spoilers). Click on “read more” for the details. Join the episode discussion on our forum!

  • Bo is sparring in a boxing ring with Dyson – she is upset she doesn’t remember anything and wants to know if he has heard anything from Lauren. He hasn’t, but says that Lauren knows she has to stay away to be safe. We see a gargoyle in the shadows.
  • Bo and Kenzi go out to the Dal to have some fun, leaving Tamsin alone at the clubhouse. While Bo parties to the Spice Girls, Kenzi and Massimo have words – Kenzi owes him for the potions that give her Fae powers.
    While they are out, the clubhouse is broken into and everything taken. Tamsin scares them off, and when Bo and Kenzi return to the clubhouse, they find Tamsin has grown and is back to her adult self.
  • Massimo is behind the theft so Bo and Kenzi confront him. Because Kenzi owes him, he sends them off to Laurens apartment on an errand, where they find themselves trapped.
  • Bo opens up about Lauren, and wonders about why Lauren went with Taft. She comments that their whole relationship was based on not knowing. Kenzi sticks up for Lauren, that Lauren is one of the good ones. Bo finds the wanted poster, with Laurens photo and the name “Karen Beattie” – this makes her think Lauren is long gone, and probably changed her name already.
  • They manage to get Kenzi past the trap and out of the apartment, after ridding her of her temporary Fae powers. While Kenzi is gone, Bo is looking through Laurens things, and finds a gift box with a note attached. It seems to be for her. The note reads “For giving me the freedom to love. And I do.” Bo opens the box to find a necklace inside.
  • A gargoyle appears in Laurens apartment. The lights go out, and we see it appear and disappear. As it happens again, we see the gargoyle reappear with blood on it’s mouth. Bo seems to have been bitten.
  • Kenzi comes back to let Bo out and they figure out that they were just being kept out of the way – Tamsin was Massimo’s real target. When they contact Dyson – who was babysitting – they find that Tamsin is gone.
  • Bo goes to Massimo and finds he has Tamsin tied up. He is after the hair from a Valkyrie. Tamsin morphs into her valkyrie form, complete with wings, and is going to kill Massimo. Bo manages to talk her out of it, and uses some of her succubus power to calm her. When Tamsin has returned to normal, Bo sends her away and she takes care of Massimo.
  • Bo accuses Massimo of sending the gargoyles after her. He denies it, saying that gargoyles are only used by Fae Elders.
  • Bo discovers Massimo is a human druid, not a fae. This causes Massimo to fall apart and say he needs the hair for his mommy. When Bo discards the hair into the fire pit, Massimo jumps in after it, before Bo can stop him.
  • Kenzi finds Dyson in her room, telling Tamsin a bed time story. He offers to help her fit in with the fae, she doesn’t need powers, he can teach her. He then tells Kenzi that he has lost Lauren and thinks she is in danger.
  • Bo has gone to confront the Una Mens. They didn’t summon her, but Bo says She goes where she wants, when she wants. She doesn’t live by their rules and will never live by their rules.
    The Una Mens says they were tasked with killing the unaligned Succubus. They tell her that her blood has spoken and that she has chosen a side. “You are dark.”

  • Lauren is locked up in a cell with Crystal. Crystal explains that they promised not to hurt her. She slept with Lauren because they wanted her to, to keep her close, but after she realised it was different, it was more. Lauren can relate – the “spy-bang”, she’s been in Crystal’s shoes.
  • Lauren finally opens up about her past. She has a brother, and they were very close. They were young and trying to save the world – by bombing pipelines. Lauren made the explosives and trusted her brother to place them. No one was suppose to be there, but a lot of people ended up dying. She ran, and has never stopped running. And she never told Bo.
  • The captors are talking to Lauren, and under a tarp in the corner of the cell, she finds blood samples and testing equipment. They want her to test the blood, or Crystal dies.
  • Later, Lauren is informing her captors of the test results. She has figured out she is being held by Fae Elders, and says she can treat them if they let Crystal go. Lauren seems to think that it is Hale that is holding them captive. The cell door opens and it seems that it is not Hale.

For a full rundown of events in this episode, check out the live blog here

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  1. Alexis says:

    I wish Bo would just hurry up & save Lauren.

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