Quick Recap of Tonight’s Episode (4.03)

Below is a quick recap of the Doccubus storyline in tonight’s episode (under the cut for those who want to avoid spoilers). Click on “read more” for the details. Join the episode discussion on our forum!

  • Clio and Dyson made it on the train but realised Bo has already gone. They find a bit of Bo’s dress and jump off to follow her. They have to find her quickly as non elementals can’t survive moving between dimensions.
  • After escaping the train, Bo is back in the world. She is confused and lost, and finds a house in the woods. The occupants are a family who are being haunted by a ‘ghost’, and the father locks them away in cells so they don’t do anything terrible.
  • Bo finds the daughter in her cell and they make their escape. Once outside, Bo realises there is a ghost, it is a body jumper and now the daughter is possessed.
  • As Bo is fighting the possessed daughter, Dyson arrives to save the day. Eventually Bo allows herself to be possessed and figures out how why the family is haunted. Their ancestors had killed the jumper and her fiancé Noah, accusing her of being a witch. Dyson realises what has to be done and acting as ‘Noah’ marries the possessed Bo. The ghost is now at peace and leaves with the spirit of her fiancé.
  • Dyson, Bo and Clio leave to head home, and Clio double crosses them, holding Bo at knifepoint. She says Vex was willing to pay for her return. What she didn’t realise before grabbing Bo, was that Bo had already been cured of the dimensional sickness by the ghost as thanks. Bo takes Clio’s chi, leaving her unconscious on the road, but doesn’t kill her.
  • Bo and Dyson find a car and head back home together. They have both already forgotten about the train.
  • We finally find out the Morrigan escaped and is hiding at Lauren’s apartment. She has lost an eye but summoned Massino to replace it for her. He tells her he got rid of Bo for Tamsin. The Morrigan looks happy Bo is out of her way.
  • Lauren/Amber is still working at the diner. Crystal is flirting with her, Lauren looks interested but she says she “can’t do this”. Lauren talks with Crystal about why they are both ‘here’ working at the diner. Lauren is still working out why she is. They say their goodbyes, and Crystal tells Lauren she knows she isn’t on the market but gives Lauren her address anyway. Lauren looks rather flattered and happy.
  • Lauren turns up at Crystal’s home. They drink, talk and end up sleeping together. The next day Lauren arrives at work and is told someone keeps calling asking about Karen. She immediately makes an excuse and leaves. She intends to leave town, but first goes to tell Crystal she is leaving. Later we see Lauren hitch hiking, a car pulls over to pick her up, it’s Crystal. When Lauren gets in the car, someone pops up from the backseat and grabs Lauren.
  • Just as Lauren had been subdued, Dyson and Bo drive past Crystal’s car. Bo notices something going on and wants to stop the car to help. Dyson doesn’t slow down, he says it’s time they get home.

For a full rundown of events in this episode, check out the live blog here

7 Responses to Quick Recap of Tonight’s Episode (4.03)

  1. leweiss says:


    Lauren, It’s Bo or nothing!!!!! sighhh

    The title “Lovers. Apart.” , I think refers to Lauren and Bo than the jumper and her fiance.. XDDDDDDDDDD

    Go Doccubus!

    • A.W. :) says:

      YEAH!! I’m with you, it much more fitting than the jumper and noah!!
      ahhhh i really need a doccubus scene right now!!

  2. darcy says:

    It’s only Doccubus for me! Please, don’t give up :)

  3. Alexis says:

    Is it just me or Bo doesn’t seem to wonder about Lauren’s whereabouts?

    • JCF says:

      There are still Memory Issues going on (I blame Daddy Dearest).

    • JCF says:

      I’m not signed up for the forum, so I just wanted to respond to something I read on it, here:

      When Evony says to Massimo “not bad for a human”, she’s not referring TO Massimo (who IS Fae). She’s referring to the ***new eyeball*** he procured for her! }-p

  4. Hasky says:

    actually I am more angry at the whole marriage thing sh** than Lauren sleeping with someone else…
    Look at it from Lauren’s POV, she is far away, alone… Kenzi stopped responding to her calls and Dyson lies all along keeping her away and somehow I think its not just for her safety… and then there is that beautiful blonde hitting on her all the time.. technically Lauren and Bo kind of broke up, so… honestly I expected this from the first ep

    But a marriage?!?!?!?! darn I felt so sick that I really thought I would stop watching.. or wait until the last ep is on and then see if it’s worth watching the whole serie… if I remember correctly that time when Bo almost married Ryan, Trick said something about not being able to divorce until after 1000 years, right?

    and now please someone tell me where is our DOCCUBUS *sniff*

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