Quick Recap of Tonight’s Episode (4.02)

Below is a quick recap of the Doccubus storyline in tonight’s episode (under the cut for those who want to avoid spoilers). Click on “read more” for the details. Join the episode discussion on our forum!

  • Everyone has their memories of Bo back, and they are hard at work trying to find where she has gone. Trick has been trying to communicate with her and had no luck, while Dyson has continued to look for Tamsin, as she was the last person to see Bo. He goes back to the crash site, and finds a young blonde girl – it’s Tamsin.
  • Dyson takes Tamsin back to the clubhouse, where Kenzi has been setting up Bo’s bedroom with all her favourite things. While Kenzi entertains young Tamsin, Trick arrives, and with the help of the compass Kenzi stole in the previous episode, discovers that Bo is no longer on this physical plane.
  • Trick tells Dyson that there is only one person that can traverse the planes – Dyson goes off to find this person’s ex, Selene. Kenzi is left at the clubhouse to babysit Tamsin. At the moment Tamsin doesn’t remember anything, but they need to keep her safe. Tamsin finds the Wanderer tarot card.
  • Dyson and Hale investigate Selene’s beauty salon where they come across Clio again. Eventually we discover that Clio is an elemental and is the person that can help Dyson cross the dimensions to find Bo. The Wanderer card that was found in the clubhouse is their ticket over. They find their way back to the rail yard where the different planes seem to meet.They are standing on the tracks waiting for the train to hit them. Clio is scared and says it’s a death train. They disappear into thin air.
  • Vex is chained and being tortured. His captors want to know what he did with the Morrigan. Vex swears that the Morrigan is alive. Vex pleads for his life and says he will give them “her” as the camera pans over “The terrorist”, “The unaligned succubus” and “human doctor”.

Doccubus Action

  • This week, we just get a few mentions of the Bo/Lauren relationship. Dyson is the first to mention it to Hale – he knows Bo is in love with Lauren but he still wants to fight for her. Later, Lauren talks to Dyson on the phone, and asks him to take care of “her”.


  • We join Bo as she wakes up in an unfamiliar bed. She appears to be in a train carriage. Bo looks out the window, it’s all black and murky, as the train speeds through the darkness. Bo is in a nightgown and tries to get out of the train. A woman in a maid costume comes in and says Bo is waking him. Bo succubuses her to get more information. She says that Bo has both brown and blue eyes, she must be “the one”.
  • Bo succubuses the French maid until she passes out. Bo has gained enough strength to open the carriage door. She looks out in the darkness and leaps into the void.


  • Lauren is at her waitressing job and on the phone. It seems like she is trying to contact Kenzi or Dyson – but they don’t answer. Distracted, she drops a tray on to the floor. Her boss, Crystal, helps her clean up, and says it looks like Amber has never waited a table in her life, although her resume said otherwise. Crystal is rather interested in “Amber”. Lauren/Amber runs off, worried by all the questions.
  • Later, Lauren and Crystal are talking, and a customer starts choking. Lauren runs over and tries the Heimlich. It doesn’t work – she realises he is Fae and slices his throat open to save him. Crystal happened to have her phone nearby, and videoed the whole scene.
  • Lauren rings Dyson and talks to him. She hopes his incision has healed. He says it’s too dangerous for Lauren to come back. Lauren will do whatever she needs to do on her own. Lauren tells Dyson to take care of her.
  • Lauren and Crystal are drinking and talking. As Crystal heads off to use the bathroom, Lauren takes the opportunity to grab her phone to delete the video. Crystal comes back before Lauren could figure out the unlock code. Lauren makes up some excuse that she wanted to look up the weather – Crystal gives her the code anyway.
  • Lauren seems to trust Crystal enough to tell her that bad people after her and if the video got out they may find her. Crystal doesn’t question anything and deletes the video immediately. Lauren is relieved and hugs her, for an awkwardly long time. Crystal doesn’t seem to mind at all and even offers to delete more things from her phone if that’s the usual reaction.
  • Lauren then introduces herself as Lauren. Crystal says it’s nice to meet her.

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