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Bo: “Whoever you are, I know you.  And I love you.” (3.13)

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  1. Danielle Torres says:

    You can’t argue with that kind of love! A quote with so many messages if you can read between the lines and truly understand love!!

  2. TeamBoLau says:

    Love the quote..has a deep meaning especially between the 2 women. I can’t believe season 4 will not start until next year. :(

  3. darcy says:

    Bo: “Whoever you are, I know you. And I love you” I think this will be a common thread for season 4. The “old” Bo would never react like that?. Throughout the season 3 (with all the dramas annexes) was many times stressed that Bo loves Lauren, though often she has not been able to prove it with facts, but this is a great step for Bo, so this was the season of “awareness” … now there will be the one “to put into practice”, I believe. Doccubus deserves happiness!

  4. jb says:

    Im a totally new and late fan…but, God! Im crazy over this show though Ive to admit that Im a Lauren fan first…then DOCCUBUS before LG’s…it makes me so damn depressed how some are pushing Doc out of the pic and creating this new triangle among Dyson, Tamsin and Bo. I follow a lot of these couples–TV/films and Ive never seen such chemistry. The other actors sure can play their roles well and can be convincing yet still I see more in this couple. And it would really suck if theyll just throw everything away ( talking about the writing here)…BoLo has just got the right temperature. I mean if youll pair her with another hot chick like Tamsin…it would be like–as per ZP–two chicks getting on/hooking up. It so well potrayed and their love story so far is one of the best. I dont mind Dyson and Tamsin having their limited time with B o but hopefully, she and Lauren get back together. PS Doc deserves someone better, right? But the war has been long declared and the battle is about who gets Bo and bring the Lost Girl home. Lauren IS home. Lauren IS love. Thanks

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