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Updated on Apr. 14, 2013:

Join us for the Doccubus live chat tonight at 9 pm EST (or drop in before then to chat with other fans)!We have a new chatroom that should run on different browsers and mobile devices. Click here to go to the chatroom.

Previously posted:

Get excited, Doccubus fans, because Season 3 premieres in exactly one week in Canada! We will be holding a live chat every Sunday night during new episode airings in Canada. Fans outside of Canada will be able get live updates of the episodes, especially all the details related to the Bo & Lauren storyline, as well as chat with other fans. The link to the chatroom will be posted here the evening of premiere. Hope to see you all there!

3 Responses to Doccubus Live Chat

  1. anon the great says:

    Lets see what we have in store for this new season… :0

  2. Myra Brennan says:

    Go Doccubus

  3. Myra Brennan says:

    Go Doccubus!

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