Additional Q&A with Emily Andras: Part I

Emily has graciously answered some more fan submitted questions that didn’t make it into our live chat due to time constraints. Below are her answers to three of the questions. Stay tuned for more next week.

Who would be your ultimate guest star?

Linda Hamilton was pretty sweet. Along those same lines, I would love to get Sigourney Weaver. If we’re dreaming big, and by big I obviously mean OLP (Original Lady Power), why not add Pam Grier and Madonna to the list? I also just caught Snow White and the Huntsman and Charlize Theron was boss. I wished the entire movie had just been about her evil Queen Ravena. On a purely Canadian level, I’d love to persuade Jay Baruchel to come and play. So if any of those people call and are looking for me…hook me up.

So, a lot of shows are known for killing off characters as the seasons go on. However, we are in the 3rd season of Lost Girl and all of our characters are still with us (except for minor characters that have died). Therefore, this has caused the fans to have some sort of permanence with the characters. What is your take on killing off characters? Could we expect in the future for some of the main LG characters to disappear?

I’ve often spoken about the opportunities to explore the ‘Big Themes’ in genre, and this is one of the biggest.  Death is a part of life — the only part of life that’s a sure thing, whether your lifespan is 80 or 800 years. I’m sure we will tackle the demise of a main character, eventually. As always, we would strive to make sure it wasn’t gratuitous, and only do it if it served the story as a whole. Interestingly, we have now killed off one of our regulars (Dyson, post-Dawning), only to have him brought back by Bo. But his resurrection came at a terrifying cost: she went SuperSuccubus on her friends and family. Does this mean death is not permanent for our gang? Absolutely not. If anything, the stakes are higher than ever. So basically: nothing is sacred. Nobody is safe. And the writers don’t accept bribes ;)

During the audition process, what made the producers choose Zoie Palmer for the part of Dr. Lauren Lewis? And now with 3 seasons under the belt, what do you as a writer appreciate most about what Zoie brings to the role of Lauren?

We picked Zoie because she was the best choice, bar none. That being said, we were still blown away by the chemistry she ended up having with the rest of our cast, particularly Anna. As a writer, I think what I appreciate most about what she brings to the role is her sheer humanity. She infuses the character with so much dignity, vulnerability and decency, it’s no wonder the audience has fallen in love with Lauren. This is particularly remarkable on a show where the other characters are basically superheroes, or exaggerated and fantastical. Zoie’s abilities to do more with less is something that can’t be taught. However I do wish she’d helped me pocket those damn boots she wore in episode 303. What were we saying about killing off characters?? I’M KIDDING EVERYONE CALM DOWN. Or AM I? (insert evil laugh). In short: The Palmer for President.

5 Responses to Additional Q&A with Emily Andras: Part I

  1. Valksy says:

    Can’t express how grateful I am that our Showrunner is willing to keep answering questions and engaging with is. Genuinely decent and humble in every way, with an impish sense of humour that means she is one of very few Execs who gets fangirled =)

    That said – personally speaking – I’ve always thought main character death is a bit of a dramatic cheap shot and, given the nature of genre viewing, it’s a trope so well travelled over 15 or so years that character death leads to eye-rolling and that dramatic impact is lost since none of us believe it is going to be a permanent condition.

  2. Kedrie, says:

    Wow. That is so great that she continues to answer our questions. EA for president, no matter how crazy the plots make me. :-) grr argh.

    Seriously, who in the history of TV has a showrunner willing to answer questions at fan sites after doing a whole hour with us? We are pretty darn lucky.

    Thanks again Meg and Scoobs for doing all this hard work. We love you for it.


  3. Schwa138 says:

    Agreed. I think that is one of the many reasons why this “little show” has taken off they way it has so well. The writers, and the actors, keep their eye on the pulse of the fan base. Whether it’s us VERY vocal Doccubus fans, the supporters of Dyson, and the like. Just very committed and connected bunch of people. Not to mention crazy talented from the writing, acting, to the light production, etc. The crazy chemistry amongst the actors doesn’t hurt either. Thanks for such a great show!

  4. Doc_Hotpants says:

    How wonderful that Ms. Andras has taken the time to answer more questions. Thanks to everyone involved in organizing that!

    I really appreciate the thoughtful answers and the humor that is on display here. And it sure doesn’t hurt that Ms. Andras is a fan of the subtlety and nuance of ZP’s acting. Makes me hope for more good storylines for Lauren…

    Big thanks to the whole LG cast and crew for bringing to life such a fantastic world.

  5. Mahlers5th says:

    Can’t tell you how much we appreciate your generosity, Emily, in making yourself available to chat with and answer questions from fans. It feels like a rare privilege. We(and Lost Girl)are lucky to have as a showrunner a woman who really understands why the show means so much to us. Your statements about that from the heart, eloquent, inspiring, and spot on. Plus, you are unsurpassed in dry wit, as expressed in 140 characters or less. Thank you!

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